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Chapter 21

  • 21
  • Derek came out of the bathroom to see Kathleen standing by the door as if waiting for him to be out, droplets of water ran from his hair to his chest and for a moment she stood there drooling and Derek chuckled, "do you need something wife?" His tone held a double meaning and she looked away blushing.
  • "You can't stop me from being friends with Stefan" she finally recalled while she was waiting for him, Derek raised a brow at her, "what's it about him that you're so fired up to become his friend?" His blue eyes drilled hers.
  • "Because he's nice and is offering his friendship" she retorted
  • "There are other nice ladies out there to be friends with," he said cooling, drawing out the ladies.
  • "So I'm not allowed to make male friends but you are allowed to keep female friends?" She fired at him and he looked at her, "I'm a playboy so it's allowed but you're not a Playgirl so it does not allow".
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