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Chapter 17 Chapter Seventeen

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  • Derek opened his eyes the next morning, he tried to sit up but the exploding pain he felt had him falling back to the bed, he groaned aloud holding his head.
  • "That's what you get for drinking too much, the aftereffect is always bad" Kathleen came in carrying a tray, the smell of freshly made coffee filled the room, she helped him up with a hand underneath his head, "here drink this" she gave him the coffee which he drank with relish, " thanks" he handed the cup back to her when he was through, " you could have sent the maid to bring it" he avoided making eye contact with her, he knew he must look a mess right now, he touched his swollen cheek, served him right, he thought as he winced at the pain, she said nothing, she simply removed his hand and placed some ice pack on it, "ouch" he winced again trying to move his face away.
  • "Be still, you didn't think of the pain when you involved yourself in a fight, what were you thinking?" Her sharp tone had him sitting still like a penitent child, "I didn't think" he replied
  • "What were you fighting about?" she stared at him angrily and his upper lips lifted in a smug smile
  • "Over a lady" his smile suddenly turned to a shout of pain as Kathleen suddenly pressed hard on his injury with the ice, he glowered at her, " take it easy, will you"
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