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Chapter 23

  • 23
  • That week was the happiest for Kathleen, Derek spend as much time as possible with her, he always looked forward to coming back home from work, he always couldn't wait to be with her, they went out together to get ice cream, and on one occasion, she had a smear of ice cream on her nose and instead of Derek helping her to clean with his hand, he used his tongue to lick it off amidst the chuckles of passerby and Kathleen's face flamed. He seized every opportunity to touch her.
  • On one of those occasions, they had gone out for a drink, holding each other's hands, they both sat down, the waiter ran towards them immediately to take their order, and they each sip their drinks in comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other's company. "What a coincidence to have met these lovebirds here" someone suddenly spoke from their side and they both turned to see Stefan standing above them, Derek eyes suddenly darkened with displeasure at his unwanted intrusion but Kathleen's gaze brightened at seeing him.
  • " Stefan, what are you doing here?" She asked, her voice sounded pleased, too pleased and Derek frowned at her. Stefan chuckled at her question, "isn't it obvious? This is a coffee shop"
  • "Oh", Kathleen blushed at her obvious question and then smiled when she heard him chuckled.
  • "Am I free to sit with you?" Stefan asked looking at both of them
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