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Chapter 66

  • Kathleen quickly flagged down a cab, tears threatening, she wasn't going to embarrass herself by crying, images of Nicole sitting on Derek's thighs, her arms wrapped around his neck kept playing in her head, she regretted coming to the hospital, she knew Nicole was taking advantage of the situation that they both had a son together to get close to Derek, she brought out her handkerchief and blew her nose and she thought again about the scene she just witnessed. She had promised herself that she would not allow anyone to take Derek from her and what did she just do, she had turned tail and ran away at Nicole's manipulation and by running away, she was giving Nicole an upper hand over Derek.
  • "Turn around" she ordered the cab driver who glanced at her through the rearview mirror, "did you say something, ma'am?"
  • "I said turn around" she gritted and the driver did a u-turn and headed back, she was going to have to speak with Derek, did he still blame her for what happened? She couldn't stand his silence any longer and she would have to put Nicole in her rightful place.
  • The doctor told her that Kyle had been discharged from the hospital earlier and Derek and Nicole had taken him home, she felt a pang in her heart, she was about to leave the hospital when she saw Marcella, had she also come to see Kyle? She headed towards her to tell her that Kyle had been discharged and her brow furrowed when she noticed that Marcella was heading towards another direction of the hospital, did she come for something else or perhaps she didn't know Kyle's hospital room, she got curious as she saw her enter into one of the hospital room and she immediately headed towards that direction. She got there just in time to see the doctor handing her a rounded white substance which she quickly placed in her bag, Kathleen wondered at the use of that drug, did Marcella has a sickness she didn't want anyone to know about? And was secretly treating it, she quickly hid behind a post and watched as Marcella came out of the room and headed outside. She quickly ran outside to catch up with her, "hey Marcella, what are you doing here?"
  • Marcella stopped on her track, her expression looked shocked at seeing Kathleen, and for a moment, she seemed confused.
  • "I came here to visit Kyle but unfortunately was told by the doctor that they've gone home" Kathleen explained, carefully watching Marcella's expression, she quickly recovered from her shock as she replied, "same with me, I have to go now, my husband might need me" she quickly entered her car, not bothering to offer Kathleen a ride, she seemed agitated and uneasy and Kathleen frowned as she watched her drive away, it was obvious that Marcella had just lied to her which clearly indicated that she was hiding something.
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