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Chapter 68

  • Derek paced the hospital as he waited for the doctor to give him a report on the status of his father, a worried frown creased his brow, it was all his fault, perhaps, he had neglected his father for such a long time, he hadn't been able to let go of the fact that his dad remarried just a year after his mom's death and of all the women in the world, he chooses to marry his mother's best friend, though he wasn't cool with it and still wasn't cool with it, but he doesn't want to lose his dad to the cold clutches of death either, he could vividly remember his mom battling for her life some years back, seeing his father doing so now scared him pitless, he felt a hand on his shoulders and he turned to see Kathleen, gazing at him with eyes filled with understanding, how could she understand what he was going through? She had never gone through such before, she might pretend she understood but he knows she doesn't but he must commend her for her effort.
  • "Nothing will happen to your dad" she whispered to him and his eyes filled with unshed tears, she shook her head seeing those in his eyes, silently telling him not to shed tears and Derek felt embarrassed about the tears, he couldn't remember the last time he cried, she hugged him and Marcella snorted.
  • "Pretending as if you care," she remarked but Kathleen ignored her jab.
  • Soon the doctor came out and they all ran towards him, "your father will have to stay in the hospital for a while".
  • "What's wrong with him doctor?" Derek's voice was filled with perplexity as he asked the doctor.
  • "Some vital organs in his body are damaged, we still haven't ascertained the cause of it, from the damage that has been done, he had 50-50 chance of survival"
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