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Chapter 12

  • Chapter twelve
  • Derek was pissed, he was pissed with himself and also his wife, she had tried to talk to him and like a bull, he had gone charging out of the house, he was pissed at her for making him feel something for her, she had made him feel what he thought was dead to him, in just a matter of days, she was trying to resurrect it, he was damn attracted to her and he needed to stay away from her, he hadn't slept at home again that night, after his meeting yesterday, he had gone straight to his favorite club and had drunk a lot, he had managed to go to one of their family's house extension and had crashed there, he woke up this morning with a pounding headache and was preparing coffee when his phone rang, it was Jake, he picked up at the second ring.
  • "Yes, Jake, what is it?"
  • "Er....em...Sir, I...." He frowned into the receiver, what was he stammering about?
  • "Speak up Jake, what is it?"
  • "Sir, er...have you seen the morning papers?"
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