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Chapter 78

  • Kàthleen couldn't have heard it wrong, could she? His wife? So he had gone ahead and married her once best friend, she felt pain in her heart as old wounds were opened, ever since she had run away on her wedding day, she hadn't allowed herself to think about it and hadn't asked about anyone from her past, so she had absolutely no idea that Tasha was married to Dave but in just a matter of days, ghosts from her past kept popping up, first it was her parents, then Dave and now Tasha. seeing Dave was enough to shake her but seeing Tasha, her once best friend who betrayed her was like a bitter pill she just couldn't swallow, she had trusted her and confided in her, she had seen Tasha like the sister she never had and had loved her but all she got for her trouble was a stab on her back, she watched as Tasha slowly sat close to Dave, tears unbiddenly welled in her eyes, she just couldn't take the pain, it was too much for her to bear, these shocks she had gotten, all in one day finally caught up with her, she simply turned on her heels and fled.
  • Tasha watched Kathleen run away and she smirked inwardly, she had felt satisfaction in seeing the hurt in Kathleen's eyes, good for her, Kathleen was the reason for her misfortune of marrying Dave, she had lost her baby with Dave because of Kathleen, all because Dave couldn't forget about her betrayal and had taken every inch of his anger of her. She had been surprised when she first found out that Dave was actually related to the Deloux, even if he wasn't born into the family, he was still family and so, when she noticed Dave was facing financial difficulty, out of fear that he would end up poor and the thought of being poor had made her shuddered, she had cunningly persuaded Dave to return back home. Tasha would never accept poverty. Her parents could hardly afford good food and clothing for her when growing up, life had been tough on them and suddenly she had discovered wealth, she would do everything to cling to it.
  • She eyed Derek who had turned to follow Kathleen upstairs and her mouth watered, damn, he's as handsome as sin, she couldn't take her lusty eyes of him as she watched him take powerful strides upstairs, Kathleen was damn lucky, she imagined herself in Derek's powerful arms, his blue eyes gazing at her with so much love, just the way she had noticed him gazed at Kath earlier, her heart suddenly yearned for that kind of love, the kind of love she knew Dave would never give her, she had never felt such Intense instant lust for any man, she quickly averted and lowered her gaze before Dave would see her as she slowly picked her food. Not only was Derek drop-dead gorgeous, but he was also so damn rich, the only heir to Deloux vase empire, how good it will be if she became the heiress to such an empire, while she was here, she would try her shots with him and win him over, she would have him all to herself and she would never worry about money even in her next life.
  • Kathleen shut the door behind her as she fell on the bed and wept, her shoulders shook as a sob racked her, she hadn't cried when Dave had cheated on her with other ladies, she hadn't cried when she had seen Tasha in bed with Dave, she hadn't cried when she had run away from home but now she couldn't stop the flood of tears, she cried for all those years that she couldn't bring herself to cry, she allowed the bitter taste betrayal flood her mouth, she felt a hand on her shoulder as she found herself being lifted in Derek's arms, he sat down with her on his thighs while she continued crying, he held her as she cried, not saying a word to her, simply rocking her.
  • "Cry it out my angel and let it go" he whispered and that was all he said to her as he started humming, she cried until there were no more tears left in her eyes to shed, she felt drained as she blew her nose, her eyes red, she stared into Derek's beautiful eyes, "I'm sorry" she murmured and he chuckled and placed a kiss on her forehead, "you don't have to be sorry, you needed to let out all those pains you've kept on a tight rein inside" he paused for few minutes, just humming and rocking her, "was that your bestie whom you saw with him?" He asked and she nodded
  • "I should thank her" he whispered and she raised her head to stare at him, "her betrayal was the major event that broke the camel's back, I should thank her because if not for her own betrayal, you would have gone ahead with the marriage and I wouldn't have met you" he explained and she smiled, placing a kiss on his lips, "I'm happy to have you as my husband"
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