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Chapter 79

  • Kàthleen went downstairs the next morning for breakfast to see only Dave seated on the table, she immediately turned to go back in but before she could take two steps, he was fast to go round the table and stood in front of her, blocking her exit.
  • "Get out of my way" she gritted
  • "Or else what? He smirked taking two steps towards her and she unconsciously moved backward, he kept coming on to her and she kept moving until her back touched the table, "what the hell do you think you're doing Dave?
  • "What does it seem like?" He asked bringing his head closer to her, she placed her palms on his chest and pushed, fuming in anger, she docks and slide out from beneath him and had almost made her escape but his hand quickly snaked out and dragged her back, forcefully placing his lips on hers, Kathleen bit down on it so hard that she drew blood, he yelped in pain as he pushed her away, Kathleen spat out the blood, heaving furiously and she stared at him through narrowed eyes, "don't you ever do such again" she gritted before turning on her heels to walk away, she paused for a moment when she noticed Tasha, standing close to the stairs and staring at them, her eyes met Kathleen's, hers filled with anger and hatred, without a word to her, Kathleen went upstairs, she would do well to stay clear of those two until Derek comes back
  • Derek has was eager as he drove to see Mr. Fenji, he was the client that brought him to this country, he had to quickly settle matters with him so he could go back to Kathleen, so he had called for a meeting with him as soon as he got here but Mr. Fenji had seemed to be busy and had decided to discuss with Derek over lunch, if everything went as planned, perhaps he would go home to Kathleen earlier than expected, he missed her so much already. He got to the meeting place and saw Mr. Fenji already seated, he came right on time, Mr. Fenji has the reputation of always being punctual and Derek was impressed as he shook hands with him, he noticed Mr. Fenji wasn't alone, he was with a beautiful young lady who was seated observing him keenly and Derek stared at her with interest wondering why Mr. Fenji would bring her to their business meeting, although it was lunch but still, a business lunch.
  • Mr. Fenji must have noticed the direction of his gaze because he smiled as he quickly introduce them, "ah! This is my only daughter, her name is Marietta, today was supposed to be her day as I was supposed to have lunch with her but since you insisted on a meeting, I decided to have lunch with her at the same time discuss business with you, I hope you don't mind" Mr. Fenji explained
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