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Chapter 15

  • Chapter fifteen
  • Derek entered the room to see Kathleen already set for bed, she didn't say anything to him when he entered and he wondered what was going through her mind, he quickly took a shower and climbed the king-sized bed, she was lying with her back to him and he laid down, facing the other side so that they were lying back to back. This was the first time he was sleeping at home since their marriage, he knew he had hurt her with his action, but she shouldn't expect anything from him, this marriage was a sham from the beginning and he was starting to think he had made a huge mistake in agreeing to marry her, he wasn't fit to be a husband to someone, he would just end up hurting her, perhaps he should tell her he can't do this anymore, he turned to his side, facing her back, she looked so soft and he fought the urge to run his hands down her smooth skin, he wondered what must have prompted her to flee on her wedding day and getting married to a total stranger for protection, no, she had come to him for protection and he would give that to her, he suddenly felt angry with whoever her fiance was, he must have really hurt her for her to had taken such decision, he wondered if her family were looking for her, he vaguely acknowledged how little he knew about his pretty little bride, in fact, he knew nothing about her, he frowned, why does it feel as if he had seen her before. He listened to her breathing for a while before laying down and soon was fast asleep.
  • Kathleen felt a callous hand running through her body and she stirred in her sleep, she was enveloped in warm arms and it felt so good, she smiled still sleeping, and snuggled closer, she felt warm and wished to remain right there, she stirred again as she felt the hand running all over her, her eyes slowly opened to come in contact with a bare chest, she felt hot breath on her cheek and her gaze slowly traveled up just as Derek opened his eyes and met her gaze, they gazed at each other for two seconds before springing apart, Kathleen practically fell off from the bed, she angrily carried a pillow and threw at him and got angrier when he easily dodged it and smirked, she carried another and threw at him, this time hitting him squarely on his smirking face satisfied to see the smirk wiped from his face, she was just about to throw another at him when he screamed for her to stop, "what the hell are you doing?"
  • "Trying to put you in your place, what are you doing here?" She threw the pillow at him as it landed on his chest, she carried another, "Will you stop hitting me with those?" In a flash, he was by her side, holding her arms up with the pillow, she struggled against him and they both fell on the bed with him on her still holding her arms, "should I remind you that this is also my room?"
  • She struggled to free herself, "let me go" she hissed, "how nice of you to remember that you had a room here, you haven't even spent a night here"
  • "Yeah, I spent those nights with my ladies out there and decided to spend last night with my wife" he whispered to her ears.
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