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Chapter 32

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  • Kathleen was discharged from the hospital, since the day of the incident, she hadn't set her eyes on Derek, neither had he come to the hospital nor called her on phone, she felt depressed, her happy world just came crumbling in a blink of an eye, she wished she could wake up from this terrible nightmare, her precious child was gone and Derek, the love of her life hadn't bothered to come to see her, she flagged down a cab that took her home. She entered the house but met no one at home or so she thought until Marcella came out from the room as if expecting her, she looked at Kathleen with so much hate in her gaze, " why are you back here? She hissed and Kathleen frowned, she was in no mood to face Marcella right now, she was just too heartbroken, so, she made no reply but simply took steps towards the stairs before Marcella blocked her, " you have no shame, you still have the guts to come back here after what you did?"
  • Kathleen felt tears pooled in her eyes, she felt very terrible " I didn't do anything" she explained and Marcella gave out an angry hiss, " you're still playing innocent, are you? We all saw what you did, your name is plastered on all the newspaper, you've brought nothing but bad luck since you entered this family, how could you come back here?"
  • Kathleen bowed her head, " this is now my home and I am not going anywhere"
  • "Shameless slut" Marcella shouted before turning away and leaving Kathleen there all alone.
  • She climbed the stairs weakly, she felt drained and helpless and the pain in her heart was just too heavy, when she gets stronger, she'll find Stefan, he had some explaining to do, he would tell her why he did that to her, she laid on the bed, hugging herself tightly, she promptly fell asleep.
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