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Chapter 29

  • 29
  • Kathleen heard a knock sounded on her door and a maid, what was her name? Herty, opened the door at her command, "you have a visitor ma'am" she informed Kathleen with her head bowed and Kathleen frowned, she wasn't expecting anyone, "who is it? She asked
  • "He said he's a friend of yours, Stefan by the name" Kathleen's heart thudded, what was Stefan doing here? Derek would be back any moment from now and would think she went back on her promise, she glanced at the maid, "where is he?"
  • "In the living room," the maid frowned, "did I do something wrong, ma'am?" She asked unsure if she did the wrong thing by letting him in.
  • Kathleen took a deep breath and shook her head, "it's okay, you can go".
  • Kathleen got dressed and went downstairs, she had to tell him to leave and be firm about it, she doesn't want to offend Derek, in her haste, she almost ran into Marcella who was going towards her room from the kitchen with a glass of juice "watch out" Kathleen quickly apologized and went into the living room, she saw Stefan sitting on the sofa sipping wine which perhaps the maid had offered him.
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