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Chapter 46

  • The inn was busy that night as usual and Kathleen did her best to reply to their orders, Mrs. Moores was grateful to her for she made it easier on her, some of the men looked at Kathleen lustfully but she always find a way around it and in the end, they'll just become friends with her.
  • It was past midnight and the guests were beginning to leave one after the other, some gentlemen left tips for her and she was grateful when they all left, Kathleen helped Mrs. Moores clean up the place, she was dead tired and her eyes aches, a good sleep would cure that aches.
  • "I must commend you, you're very hard-working" Mr. Moores whistled, he counted their sales for the day and gave Kathleen three dollars, that would carry her for the week, she was grateful and smiled broadly.
  • Mr. Moores locked the door to the inn and his wife leaned on him as they bade her goodnight and walked to their room.
  • Kathleen watched them go with a wistful look, she had been so busy throughout the day that the thought of Derek flickered in and out of her mind, she missed him and wished their love was still intact just like the obvious love shared between Mr. Moores and his wife. She went to her room and counted her tips for the day, it was one dollar, coupled with the three dollars she had earned, she now have four dollars, she whistled, her heart light, life wasn't as bad as she thought, if she could be earning four dollars a day or more, she would build her own empire, she suddenly laughed at her thoughts.
  • She quickly wolfed down the meal Mrs. Moores has given her, she soon hit the shower and fell asleep with the thought of Derek, she wondered if he thought about her at all.
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