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Chapter 75

  • Kathleen watched out for Nicole in the days that followed but found no trace of her, sometimes she visited with Derek, she soon waved off the incident, might be her eyes that played tricks on her but she kept having a bad feeling about Michael Deloux's recent behavior, she couldn't quite place her finger on it but she felt a shift in his behavior, she had confided in Derek and he had told the doctor to observe him more closely, still, her mind wasn't at ease.
  • She had just come back from one of her visits and was about to drive in when she sighted two figures standing by the gate, she urged her driver to stop when they got closer, their backs were turned but it looked so familiar, she had a sudden feeling of deja vu as she came down from the car, they turned at the sound of her car and she paled, she felt an oddly familiar pang in her heart as she stared at the two figures, "mom, Dad, what are you both doing here"
  • "You think you can abandon us and remain here in luxury right? We've come for our share" her dad scoffed
  • "But I've been sending money Into your account " since the day he had called her up demanding for money, she had been sending money to him weekly from her savings.
  • "Those are Peanuts, it's not enough, how can you be living in such luxury and abandon us to that kind of life, you're indeed an ungrateful bitch" her dad hissed at her and she shrank from his anger.
  • "Donald please, not here" her mother tried to meddle feebly but got shunned by Donald. Kathleen glanced at her mother, she looked emaciated and pale, had Donald not been taking care of her from the money she do send?
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