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Chapter 55

  • "you just can't do anything right can you?" Stefan railed when Nicole came to his house, she had told him what happened and he fumed at her foolishness.
  • Nicole sulked as she listened to Stefan's rants, she knew she was stupid to still leave that bottle inside her purse, she had accepted that long ago but Stefan doesn't need to rub it to her face, "what do we do now?" She asked simply and Stefan raked his hand through his hair and thought for a while, "does he still think the child is his?"
  • Nicole nodded and he breathe a sigh of relief, "that child is our one ticket to our goal"
  • Nicole's face brightened at his words, "oh yes," her child, she and Stefan's child, Derek wouldn't know what hits him when their plans finally pushed through, she smiled wickedly, and then she recalled when he had told her he would collect full custody of the child, of cause that won't happen because after collecting full custody of the child, Derek will suddenly die in an accident and all his properties would be for she and Stefan's child, which made it automatically theirs, brilliant! She sip her wine while she smiled wickedly, "don't worry Stefan, everything is in order" she whispered as she sipped her wine.
  • Derek slowly walked towards where Kathleen was still standing looking dazed, perhaps overwhelmed by everything that just happened, "are you okay?" He asked her gently and she nodded, suddenly resting her head on his chest and hugging him tight, "you need to rest, come let's go upstairs"
  • Kathleen followed him upstairs and he helped her lay in bed but she suddenly grabbed him when he made attempt to stand up, he unwittingly fell on top of her, she covered his face with soft kisses, they hadn't made love since the incident and he had missed her greatly, "Kath?" He called trying to pull away from her, she wasn't strong enough but instead of answering, she pulled him back and held him tight, she needed his comfort and love right this moment, she kissed his lips and he groaned in pleasure, giving in to her, he returned her kisses, soon enough, clothes went flying off from their bodies and she climbed astride him and took him deep inside her, she moaned at the pleasure it brought her and her body shook, she rode him and his hands went to her clit, she increased the tempo as the tension built in her, her face glazed with pleasure, she rode him fast and hard, he touched her breasts that was facing him and took a nipple into his mouth, her body convulsed around him, his face filled with pleasure, he emptied himself into her and she fell on him, breathing hard, he spanked her buttocks, "that felt so good my love"
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