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Chapter 31

  • 31
  • Dave was having a good time, he had invited some of his buddies for a drink at his house, three showed up but the other two had declined with the reason being that they had some other engagement, he heard the doorbell chimed and opened the door to see a pageboy, he had brought the tabloid asking if Dave would be interested, he declined at first but the corner of his eyes had caught the photographs on the front page and he quickly grabbed it in disbelief, the lady on the photo staring back at him was certainly Kathleen, his run away bride, he quickly paid the pageboy and shut the door on his face, his eyes never leaving the photos, his red rimmed eyes quickly scanned the lines, it said the wife of the only heir to Deloux empire brought in another man to her matrimonial bed and was caught by her husband, one of the photos showed Kathleen wrapped only by a bed quilt, Dave smirked, "scheming little slut" Max, his right-hand man who was already almost drunk regarded him, "who is it?" Dave's face was set in angry lines and a snarl forming on his lips, so she had deserted him on their wedding day to marry Derek, heir apparel, she must be applauded for her scheming act. Max's eyes widened in disbelief when he saw the photos, he looked at Dave, "is this...?"
  • "Oh yes, she is. My runaway bride" Dave answered before Max could complete his sentence.
  • "But how did she end up being the wife of Derek?" Dawson, another of his friends asked and puffed out the smoke of cigarette from his lips
  • Dave's lips curled, "she must be very good in scheming"
  • "And she got herself, another man in her trapped but obviously not so lucky this time as she was caught by her husband, serves her right" Nico, the third of the three concluded Max looked at Dave, " at least we know where she is now, what's your plan?" He knew Dave won't let her go this easily, she had to pay for her betrayal, Dave opened another whiskey and drank half of the bottle before dropping the bottle with a thud on the table, he scratched the stubble on his jaw as his lips twisted, " just watch and see, I have a very big surprise for her, she ran away from me to avoid being my wife, I'll definitely make her my wife, oh, what a fun it will be" he put the whiskey in his mouth and gulped down the remaining.
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