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Chapter 10

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  • Kathleen woke up the next morning, Derek hadn't come back the previous night, she wondered where he had spent the night leaving her all alone, she knew that their marriage was impulsive but he had promised to treat her as a wife, in the eyes of everyone, they were a new couple and so supposed to be spending time with each other but on their wedding night, her husband had gone missing, a knock sounded on the door, finally, he must be here but why was he knocking, she hollered that he was free to come in, the door creaked opened and a maid walked it, Kathleen frowned where was her husband? He had no obligation to her anyway but it would have felt better if he was at least with her on their marriage night, " breakfast is ready ma'am" the maid informed her, head bowed and Kathleen grimaced, she wasn't used to this kind of treatment, "please raise your head" she quickly instruct the maid who nervously raised her head but still refused to look at Kathleen in the eyes, "what's your name?" Kathleen asked to make her feel at ease with her, she wasn't a god to be worshipped neither was she a scarecrow to cause fear.
  • "Mary ma'am" Kathleen nodded, "you've got such a nice name" Mary met her gaze for a moment before her gaze flickered away but she said nothing in response to the compliment.
  • "Look, Mary, you don't have to be too formal with me, okay, you see, I'm new here and could use a friend, do you mind being my friend?"
  • "Oh yes ma'am, I'll love that" Mary was enthusiastic, she glanced at her boss new wife and wondered what kind of a lady she was, she wanted friendship with a mere maid, Mary felt honored and promised herself to keep that friendship with her life, she smiled nervously and Kathleen smiled back, relieved to have been able to disperse the stiff formality between them, she could really need a friend in this house where she knew nobody and her mother in law was hostile towards her.
  • "So, what's for breakfast?"
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