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Chapter 76

  • Kathleen watched Derek hang up the phone, his face paled and her heart thundered, what could it be? He stared at her, the expression on his face tearing at her heart, "dad tried to commit suicide" he said simply and he turned and walked out the door, obviously heading to the clinic.
  • Kathleen paled, how could that happen? He was fine the last time she had visited him, that nagging feeling that something was off returned, her mother placed her hand on her shoulder, "you should go with him, we'll be fine" and without another word, Kathleen sprinted after Derek.
  • "How the hell did he relapse? Why would he try to commit suicide? Derek barked as soon as they got to the doctor's office, the doctor shook his head his brow furrowed in confusion, "we found some dose on him, I don't know how he got hold of it"
  • Derek grabbed him by the collar, "you don't know? You're supposed to be taking care of him" he whispered through gritted teeth and the doctor's eyes bulged and he met Kathleen's gaze, his eyes pleading with her to come to his rescue.
  • Kathleen was confused also and it was written all over her, she had visited Michael Deloux every day, how did he get hold of the drugs except Nicole hadn't been her imagination, perhaps it was really Nicole she had seen that day but what motive will she have to give Derek's father the dose, all these were unanswered questions leaving her more confused instead.
  • "Take me to him" Derek muttered, "where is he?"
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