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Chapter 88 Dug Her Own Grave?

  • Looking at Cora’s almost fleeing figure, Tyler hurriedly said, “Byron, I’ll go back and check on Cora first. We’ll talk later.” Without waiting for Byron’s reply, Tyler hastily followed after Cora. Watching the two of them leave, Byron’s slightly tense profile revealed a hint of sharpness. On the side, Jane suddenly spoke up, “This is the first time I’ve seen Tyler care so much about someone.” While speaking, Jane discreetly turned her gaze away from following the two and secretly observed Byron’s face. “But isn’t Dr. Lane Carter’s girlfriend? How did she become Tyler’s girlfriend?” She seemed to be expressing her doubts, but in fact, she was subtly conveying to Byron that Cora was a fickle and untrustworthy woman, always changing her mind. After hearing Tyler introduce Cora as his girlfriend just now, Jane couldn’t help but secretly feel happy.
  • She was dating multiple guys at the same time and secretly flirting with Byron. She got caught in the act. It was like the ending of a trashy female antagonist in a wish-fulfillment novel. Jane felt she didn’t need to do anything then, as she could watch Byron deal with Cora personally. However, the man just gave her a cold glance and said, “If you’re so interested in gossip, why become a doctor? Won’t it be better to be a pa arazzo?” That remark made Jane feel like being drenched with a bucket of icy water during the snowy season of December. “Byron, I…” Jane wanted to explain something, but Byron didn’t even spare her a second glance and went straight to offer birthday wishes to Gideon.
  • Watching Byron’s indifferent figure, Jane felt a sense of unease in her heart. She couldn’t understand why Byron still favored Cora, even when it was so obvious that she was a scub. Just when Jane was extremely annoyed, Gideon’s teasing voice came. “Jane, you’re here too? You and Cora must be about to have your wedding banquets soon.” Jane had to set aside all her grievances temporarily and step forward to socialize. As for the balance in Byron’s heart, it still leaned towards Cora. Jane could only think that Byron didn’t want others to know that he had feelings for such a despicable woman, so he used such a discreet method to conceal them. Indeed, Jane could only find a way to comfort herself so as not to feel so uncomfortable.
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