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Chapter 75 Single Or Taken

  • “By the way, Dr. Lane, our staff haven’t been able to find the phone you dropped in the sea two days ago, so as an apology, I can only buy you a new one.” Jane took out and handed Cora the new phone she had prepared. As Cora looked at the latest phone, her eyes lit up. “What’s wrong, Dr. Lane? Do you not like it? Should I get you a different one? We really couldn’t find that phone. Our staff searched the beach for a long time but couldn’t locate it. It was probably taken away by the sea during low tide,” Jane explained. In fact, Jane’s tone and demeanor were very sincere, and Cora had no definite evidence to prove any connection between Jane and her lost phone. Nonetheless, she accepted the new phone with a smile and said, “No, this phone is pretty good. It’s the same brand as my previous one. Once I log in to my account, I can restore the previous data.”
  • Jane’s smile faltered ever so slightly as soon as Cora said so. Cora, observant underneath her calm exterior, didn’t miss the minor change in Jane’s expression in that instant. Seeing that, she playfully teased, “What is it, Dr. Yoris? Are you very concerned about the recovery of my phone's data? Did you instruct Mia to destroy my phone?” Jane’s heart sank, but she quickly composed herself to show a sincere and friendly attitude. “Dr. Lane, why would you think so? It is none of my concern if you get to recover your phone data." “Is that so? I thought you were worried that the audio recording would serve as evidence to expose your true nature, so as a fail-safe, you sent someone to destroy my phone."Although Cora was laughing, she was highly vigilant. “I believe that you keep your word, Dr. Lane, so I am not worried in the slightest.” Jane remained composed, wearing a peaceful and pleasant expression.
  • “I also trust in your character, Dr. Yoris. But if Mia crosses my boundaries again, I will retaliate. However, I will still do my best to help keep your reputation clean.” “That’s good.” However, Jane felt a chill down her spine when faced with Cora’s dazzling smile, even more brilliant than the sun itself. Cora wasn’t trying to give Mia a taste of her own medicine. Instead, she was warning Jane to cease ordering Mia to find fault with her, lest she expose the audio recording, which would bring them down together. By then, Jane had lost all interest in continuing the conversation with Cora and excused herself, claiming that she had to check on a patient. Cora, in turn, returned to Flora’s ward after completing her task.
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