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Chapter 177 Limited Perspectives?

  • “Marvelous! Marvelous! It’s the first time I’ve seen someone simultaneously write with both hands and in two different calligraphy styles, with such excellence!” “Is she a member of our calligraphy association? How come we haven’t seen her before?” “I think she should exchange some ideas with Mrs. Emily Quinn. Even after years of practice, Mrs. Emily Quinn hasn’t reached this level yet. I believe this young lady could offer valuable insights.” “I dare to say her dual-handed writing is even better than that of the vice president, Ms. Hurst. The strength and vigor in her handwriting are unmatched by the vice president, Ms. Hurst.” As the senior members of the Calligraphy Association discussed enthusiastically, Chloe still wore a puzzled expression. “How could this be?" She was finding it difficult to accept this reality. “Did you practice this beforehand?” Chloe questioned Cora. Chloe’s original intention was to embarrass Cora during the event, making Emily believe that marrying her into the Quinn family would tarnish their reputation.
  • However, Cora’s display of talent completely backfired on Chloe, leaving her feeling humiliated. “Ms. Hurst, don’t confine yourself to your limited perspectives. Just because you or someone you know cannot accomplish something doesn’t mean others are incapable,” Cora replied coldly. The skill of writing with both hands was developed by Cora when Flora enrolled her in several calligraphy classes in the past. However, this came at the expense of her medical studies, as she had to complete calligraphy assignments quickly to make time for studying medical studies. Nevertheless, it was through this process that she honed her impressive ability. However, Cora didn’t expect this skill to come in handy today. Chloe was accustomed to flattery and couldn’t stand Cora’s sarcasm, so she immediately retaliated. “Do you think that with just good calligraphy, you can break through the barriers and marry into the Quinn family? Let me tell you, stop daydreaming! Although Mrs. Emily Quinn is obsessed with calligraphy, she also comes from an esteemed background.
  • Social status and family background are deeply rooted in her mind.” To Chloe’s surprise, Cora responded, “It seems Ms. Hurst still hasn’t grasped the meaning behind my previous words.” Chloe quickly looked back at the calligraphy, and her expression changed. Chloe initially believed Cora’s verse. “I cast my gaze toward the moon, yet the moon shines on the gutter.” was directed at her, thinking she was overly self-absorbed in her relationship with Lucas. However, upon careful reflection, Chloe realized Cora referred to the person she cared for, Lucas, who didn’t reciprocate her feelings and treated her without respect. “I must admit, I was deceived and unwittingly became entangled in your relationship, which I deeply regret. Instead of solely holding me accountable, consider addressing the man responsible for our uncomfortable predicament. I tried my best to accommodate and find a resolution, seeking to uphold our dignity. Yet, I won’t allow myself to be a pushover. Once pushed to my limit, I will stand up for myself.”
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