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Chapter 262 Sorting Them Out?

  • When William and Arnold personally carried gifts and arrived at Cora’s ward, she was in the midst of a video call with Sally. The day before Cora attended Nora’s birthday banquet, Sally happily accompanied her to choose a dress for the event. Sally even insisted on being Cora’s family during the banquet, supporting her all the way. However, on that evening, she received a call from Kinton informing her that her grandmother had fallen and needed surgery. Sally was utterly devastated at that moment, crying her heart out in anguish. Because her grandmother had raised her, she was closest to her. As Grandma was going to have an operation, she was afraid there would be serious problems. In addition to that, she also worried about Cora attending the Hansen family’s banquet alone, without any support, fearing that she might be taken advantage of or bullied. Cora could only console Sally, saying, “I won’t let anyone bully me. You should go to Kinton to see your grandma quickly. Besides, it’s just a banquet, nothing major. What’s more important is that you won’t be absent as my bridesmaid during my wedding.” Later, Sally still took the nearest flight back to Kinton. Little did she know that after her grandmother’s surgery and recovery, she received the news of Cora being pushed down the stairs by Sara.
  • She was infuriated and even threatened, saying, “I’ll have my mom take our private jet over there right now and pull off all Sara’s hair!” In the end, Cora persuaded Sally in every possible way, reassuring her that she wasn’t facing any major issues and urging her to take care of her grandmother first. Only then did Sally give up the idea of returning to New York immediately. Soon, more than two months had passed, and Sally’s grandmother had almost fully recovered. Sally was eager to return to New York and didn’t forget to inform Cora before her departure. “Cora, this time I’ll go with my dad.” “Mr. Charles Grey is also coming over? Is there anything going on?” “Oh, there is, but I can’t tell you just yet.” Sally appeared to be in a triumphant and self-satisfied manner. At that moment, disregarding the b*dyguards, Arnold and William forcefully entered Cora’s hospital room.
  • Arnold and William were influential figures in New York, and considering Arnold’s advanced age, the b*dyguards were hesitant to use force, resulting in a heated argument that echoed through the room. “Both of you, please leave for now. If you wish to see Mrs. Hansen, we will inform Mr. Hansen first. Once he grants permission, we will allow you to pay." “We just want to speak with Dr. Lane for a few moments and then leave. It won’t take up much of your time.” Arnold and William were determinedly walking towards the hospital room because the last time, the b*dyguards had used a similar excuse to send them away, and then there was no further communication. “Please don’t make things difficult for us.” The b*dyguards and the commotion that the b*dyguards' argument with Arnold and Williams caused were quite obvious. Sally also heard it on the other end of the video call. “Cora, are those shameless people from the Yoris family causing trouble again?” Sally intentionally raised her voice so that William and Arnold could hear her words. As expected, when William and Arnold, who were dealing with the b*dyguards, heard Sally describe them as shameless, their expressions became somewhat unpleasant. They then turned their gaze towards Cora, seemingly waiting for her response and also exerting pressure on her to stop Sally from using such insulting words to describe them. Unexpectedly, Cora smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s them. They are really annoying.” Cora directed her words towards Sally, but her gaze fell upon William and Arnold as if mocking them.
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