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Chapter 164 Romance

  • After Lucas got together with Cora, he suddenly became high-profile. He never posted photos on Instagram. But recently, he posted photos on Instagram every day. The photos he posted were all related to Cora. Like asking for help on which of the following hairpins was suitable for Cora to wear or simply posting candid photos of Cora to express his deep love and happiness, His mind was full of his girlfriend. Sally had a boyfriend. But seeing these photos, she envied them very much and complained to Cora. “I never thought Lucas would be like this. When he stayed together with Hayden, he could always keep silent. “But looking at his texts and photos on Instagram, I even want to have sweet love.” As soon as they finished working overtime and were about to leave, Sally held Cora’s arms and couldn’t help saying it in a coquettish tone. “Aren’t you in a relationship with Hayden?” “Yeah, but we are about to break up.” Sally looked depressed. “What? Could it be that his size doesn’t meet your needs?”
  • Cora didn’t say it jokingly. Sally summed up her breakup reasons in this way. So Cora thought Sally was about to break up with Hayden for this reason. But Sally said, “It’s not because of it this time. Hayden’s mother thinks her future daughter-in-law should be a lady from a proper family. Her son shouldn’t marry an ordinary girl like me.” “But your family background...” Sally’s family background was good. But for some reason, it was inconvenient for her to disclose it to others. “I can’t tell Hayden about it.” Sally looked carefree. “Maybe you can use some luxuries to give them clues about your family background,” Cora suggested. Sally changed boyfriends frequently. Hayden was the first man to stay by her side for a relatively long time. Cora thought Sally had some affection for Hayden. She didn’t want them to break up for this reason. But Sally didn’t think so. “If his love for me is based on the material foundation of my family, I would rather break up with him.” “But…” “Cora, don’t worry about me. If he likes money more, I can break up with him anytime.
  • Then I can have a new and better boyfriend.” Sally was still so big-hearted. Then she reminded Cora, “Come with me to the supermarket across the road later.” “Are you going to buy something?” Cora asked. “Yeah.” Sally didn’t lack anything, but someone asked her to do so. Cora didn’t suspect anything and followed Sally to the opposite supermarket after getting off work. When she walked to the supermarket gate, she saw Lucas standing in the middle of the heart-shaped candles on the ground, holding a bouquet. The supermarket gate had a relatively dense flow of customs. Lucas attracted the attention of many people. Some people even took out their mobile phones and were filming. Cora was surprised when she saw Lucas. Before she came to her senses, Sally pushed her in front of Lucas. “My task is complete. Don’t forget to treat me to a big meal later.”
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