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Chapter 158 A Good Match!

  • At noon, Lucas suddenly sent Cora a message: [Dr. Lane, our company will hold a party tonight. [Can you keep me company?] [What kind of party?] Cora replied after finishing treating a patient. [Our team has completed a project, and the company will hold a party to commend us.] After spending much time with Lucas during this period, Cora knew he worked at a game company called Moonware Games. She didn’t think it should be a problem to attend a game company’s celebration party. So she agreed. However, only when she arrived at the dinner party did she realize how big it was. She not only saw Harry but also Sara and William, and more importantly, she saw Jane and Byron. Cora suddenly regretted coming to this party. She planned to leave after talking to Lucas. But Lucas looked delighted at the sight of her. “Thank you for coming to accompany me. I always feel a little awkward on such occasions.” Seeing Luca’s joyful look, Cora suddenly couldn’t bear to say that she wanted to leave.
  • Later, she thought, “I didn’t do anything harmful. Why should I avoid these people?” So, in the end, she gave up the idea of leaving early. She stayed with Lucas and listened to the speech of the president of Moonware Games and the speech of Byron, the first party to the new project of Moonware Games. Then Lucas took her to meet his colleagues. “Mr. Quinn, is this your girlfriend? She’s so pretty!” “What a lovely couple. I have confidence in your relationship.” “Mr. Quinn, when will the wedding be?” Cora got several key pieces of information from the leader’s speech and these people’s conversations. Lucas was the chief engineer of Moonware Games and a technical shareholder. His colleagues admired him and called him Mr. Quinn respectfully. She also learned that the Hansen family and the Yoris family both invested in Moonware Games’s new project. However, Cora focused more of her attention on Lucas. After all, she and Byron had broken up. Luca’s colleagues were easy to get along with, and they said this was the first time he had introduced a woman. So they were enthusiastic. Someone joked, “We guessed what kind of girl Mr. Quinn would like. Most of them thought he would like the mature women, and some thought he would like the lovely ones.
  • But we never expected him to like this type like Mr. Lane.” “What type am I?” Cora used to attend this kind of dinner party with her father, so she behaved extraordinarily elegantly. Such a frank and straightforward question made Luca’s colleague, who spoke just now, blush. “You’re very seductive. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that men like us can’t refuse women like you.” Everyone couldn’t help but be amused by his self-preservation. Byron had just finished speaking on behalf of the first party when a sudden laughter came from not far away. Several people involuntarily looked over and saw Cora laughing among the crowd, shaking her shoulders. Today, she wore a light pink dress with a one-neck collar, showing her charming collarbone and fair skin. Meanwhile, the irregular skirt made her long and straight legs particularly eye-catching. But what caught Byron’s attention the most was her wearing the light pink lace-up stilettos. This kind of shoe was demanding for a woman’s figure and was usually suitable for a woman who had fair skin and was thin. However, Cora always looked slender and delicate in those kinds of shoes, making Byron feel like his throat was on fire.
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