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Chapter 266 Scream Your Lungs Out

  • In the darkness, Cora rolled out of bed, hid on the other side, and looked at the black shadow that broke into the room. The person seemed startled by the sound of the gla*s falling, but he still sneaked in. Cora was certain that he was not Byron. Byron wouldn’t walk in such an obscene manner. In the blink of an eye, the man had already walked to the bedside. Cora was very nervous, feeling that her nightgown was soaking. She wondered if she should hide under the bed, but she saw the man throw back the quilt and fumble. He muttered as he didn’t find Cora, “Where’s she? Where did she go?” “Nicholas?!” Cora recognized the man’s voice. Nicholas was not flustered. Instead, he was excited and walked toward Cora. “Beauty, it’s me! Given your figure, you must have a great sexual desire. My cousin isn’t here tonight. Do you need my help?”
  • Cora got goosebumps all over her b*dy. She had never seen such a shameless person. Byron reprimanded Nicholas for trying to seduce her during the day but failing. At night, he tried to seduce her again when Byron was away. But Nicholas and Byron were cousins. Cora didn’t want to make a fuss or embarrass Byron. “Get the hell out of here while I’m talking nicely to you. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Nicholas said aggressively, “I wonder how you will treat me rudely!” As he spoke, he turned on the light in the room with ease. As soon as the light was on, he saw Cora standing by the bed and her smooth skin under the light. “What a beauty! No wonder my cousin doesn’t want his equal, Jane.” Nicholas was a notorious playboy in Burane. He often hung out with pretty girls. He liked girls who had good figures and stunning faces, like Cora. That was why, when he first saw Cora at the airport, he started to flirt with her. Tonight, he was thinking about Cora’s baby and couldn’t fall asleep. He found that Byron had gone out in the evening and had not returned yet.
  • So he couldn’t restrain his S**ual appetite and used the spare key to open the door of the guest room, wanting to have S** with Cora without anyone noticing. But Cora was alert and put a water glass at the door of the room. But it couldn’t stop Nicholas. He had bullied many weak girls like Cora, and very few of them dared to expose what he did to them. He thought Cora didn’t dare to expose such things either. After all, it was difficult to marry into a wealthy family. Once it was exposed, the Hansen family attached great importance to their reputation and wouldn’t accept her. This was the real reason why Nicholas dared to be so unscrupulous. “Come on. Let me satisfy you.” Cora watched coldly as Nicholas approached. “If you come out closer, I will shout for help!” “Go ahead. The sound insulation in our house is very good.
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