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Chapter 286 Signed The Divorce Agreement

  • Cora looked up at him with a surprised look. She thought Byron would spend a long time on this matter and might not let her go until her death. But now… Cora felt that he suddenly changed his mind and seemed to have something to do with that phone call. She tried to find clues on his face, but Byron rubbed the top of her head. His hand was as warm as before. Even his tone was still gentle. “What are you looking at? If you don’t eat, I will regret it.” Cora was afraid he would regret it, so she quickly picked up the bowl and ate the oatmeal. Even if the oatmeal made her feel sick, she ate every drop and never left Byron any room for repentance. A few minutes later, Byron looked at the empty bowl. He felt his heart was as empty as the bowl. “It seems that you are determined to divorce me.” He seemed to be laughing at himself, which made Cora feel uncomfortable. “You…” Cora didn’t know how to comfort him or what to say. But Byron interrupted her. “Okay, it is a relief to both of us.” He kept his word. He immediately called Carter to send a divorce agreement and asked Cora to sign it. Cora was afraid that Byron would lie, so she secretly looked through the terms and conditions.
  • [After divorce, you are no longer related, and you two have the freedom to get married.] It was not until she saw that sentence that she believed that he had decided to let her go. Everything was as she wished. But she felt the pen was so heavy when she picked it up. She signed her name. Each letter was like a knife across her heart. “Don’t you want to divorce again?” Seeing her expression, Byron suddenly asked. There was a bit of ridicule in his tone. If Cora looked up at him, she would find that his deep eyes were full of reluctance. His expression was not as relaxed as his tone. But Cora was afraid that he would see her reluctance, so she kept her head down and pretended to be relaxed. “You overthought it.” She quickly finished signing. After that, Carter took the divorce agreement away. But after putting it away, he seemed to want to say something to Cora. But Byron suddenly urged, “Let’s go!” Carter had no choice but to keep up with his pace. But when he walked to the door, Byron suddenly turned his head and said, “You signed the divorce agreement.
  • No matter what happens in the future, it has nothing to do with you. Do you understand?” Cora was dazed, feeling that there was an implication in his words. Before she could respond, he left the room. Cora looked at Byron’s back and felt that something important was about to be taken away from her life. She even chased after him in a panic, trying to catch something. But the bodyguards closed the door when she reached it, preventing her from catching up. Byron and Carter walked out of the hospital one after the other. “Mr. Hansen, are you going to meet Archer?” The call Byron received just now was from the lip-reading expert. What Archer said was, “See you on Highway 186 at midnight." That was the only way when Byron drove from the company to the hospital where Cora worked. These days, Byron drove through Highway 186 to the hospital to accompany Cora at night. Combined with the provocative pictures captured by surveillance videos, Archer had the habit of telling the time and place of his actions in the surveillance video before he attacked the target.
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