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Chapter 276 Are You Pregnant?

  • When Cora started to hesitate again, Carter came in and informed Byron to go to another meeting. Cora said, “I won’t participate in this meeting so as not to make everyone unhappy.” She proposed not to participate in the meeting because this meeting had nothing to do with the Phoenix Project, and it didn’t matter whether she attended or not. Besides, at the end of the meeting about the Phoenix Project just now, Byron ordered someone to sort out the meeting materials and send them later. Cora wanted to wait for the materials in the office. Byron said, “If someone is unhappy, I’ll kick him out. Don’t worry.” Carter couldn’t help but look at Byron. He didn’t expect that Byron would do such a thing. Cora persuaded him, “No need. I’m bored, so I want to stay here.” In the end, Byron was convinced and took Carter to the meeting. Cora stayed alone in Byron’s office. About an hour later, the secretary sent the meeting materials for the Phoenix Project. The secretary said, “Mrs. Hansen, I’ll put the materials here first. Would you like juice, coffee, or milk? Just tell me.” The secretary was very considerate, and she asked Cora what she liked to drink. However, Cora wanted to finish her task quickly, so she refused.
  • “Thank you. I don’t want to drink. You can go do your work.” She had to take pictures of the meeting materials as soon as possible because she didn’t know when Byron would come back. The secretary said, “If you have anything to do, just call me.” “Okay, thank you,” Cora said. After Cora sent the secretary away, she started flipping through the materials and taking photos. About ten minutes later, Byron returned to the office. After he came in, he glanced at the meeting materials on the table before walking toward Cora. Cora felt like her heart was about to stop at that moment. Fortunately, when Byron came to her, he didn’t talk about the meeting materials but asked her, “What do you want to eat at noon? I’ll take you out to the cat.” “No,” Cora said. She had a poor appetite for the past few days, and occasionally she would retch. She thought it was because she worried too much in her heart. Byron said, “Let’s go eat your favorite pizza.” He didn’t want Cora to eat too much unhealthy food, but seeing her bad appetite recently, he reluctantly decided to let her eat something she liked. Hearing Byron’s words, Cora didn’t refuse. During this meal, she only ate two slices of pizza because she felt that they had a strange taste.
  • However, the next day, when she went to work, the sandwich Sally gave her also had the same smell that made her sick. After eating it, Cora ran into the bathroom. “Cora, what’s wrong with you?” Sally asked. She was very anxious. Cora finally returned to work with her, but she went to the bathroom after eating a sandwich. Cora said, “I’m fine. There seems to be a strange smell in your sandwich.” “A strange smell?” Sally was confused, and she picked up the sandwich and sniffed it again and again. She said, “I bought the ingredient early in the morning, and the recipe is the same as before.” Sally paused and suddenly thought of something. Grasping Cora’s hand, she said with excitement, “Cora, are you pregnant?” Feel Sad “Pregnant?” Cora asked. She was dazed for a while before coming back to her senses. “No way!” She said. It was only this month that she and Byron had S**. Although they hadn’t done contraception recently, she wouldn’t be pregnant so soon, right? Looking at Cora’s expression, Sally knew that she was also suspicious, so she suggested, “Let’s buy a test stick after getting off work.”
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