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Chapter 183 Still Love Him?

  • After Byron answered the phone, the person on the phone said something, and Byron replied immediately, “I’ll be there right away.” Soon, he hung up the phone and stuffed the apple into Cora’s hand. “It seems that this apple can’t be eaten for now.” Cora didn’t care about these small details but asked Byron, “Is something wrong?” “Well, something happened.” But he didn’t say what happened clearly. He just said goodbye to Flora quickly and then left in a hurry. Cora felt restless all afternoon. She didn’t know whether it was because Byron left so hurriedly. For this reason, she added Byron as her friend on WhatsApp and asked him what happened. But what was puzzling was that Byron, who had been responsive to her during this period, seemed to have disappeared from the world today, and the messages she sent were not replied to. This feeling was similar to that on the first day of the new year. Cora once wondered if he was planning to go back and inherit his tens of billions of dollars of property, so he was going to continue to leave her alone.
  • But just as various thoughts popped up, Sally brought amazing news. “Cora, have you heard that?” Sally had just returned from the andrology department and approached Cora when Cora was examining the abdominal cavity of a patient with acute gastroenteritis. “What?” “Eason’s grandfather is critically ill.” Cora was dumbfounded. Wasn’t Eason’s grandfather Byron’s father? No wonder Byron left in such a hurry today and didn’t even say a few more words to her. Sally didn’t notice Cora was being strange and continued talking about the first-hand information she had collected. “I just heard those who care much about the wealthy people in New York say Old Mr. Hansen’s critical illness will definitely change the future structure of the Hansen family. It is said that Mr. Hansen will bear the brunt. Once his dad died, he might be unable to take over the Hansen family. The Patton family would also be seriously impacted. I heard that in the Hansen family, only Old Mr. Hansen treats them as their family, so the Patton family has benefited from the Hansen Group over the years.
  • If there is something wrong with Old Mr. Hansen, the Patton family will not be as wealthy as before. I think Eason’s family deserves that. They were so arrogant before, and now that Old Mr. Hansen has died, their family will become the one that is despised by others. Sally was in a good mood to share her opinion with Cora, but she didn’t know that Cora’s brain could no longer receive any information after hearing about Osborn’s accident. At this moment, she only had one thought. That was to make sure Byron was okay. “Sally, help me take care of this patient. I’ll go upstairs to take a look.” Osborn had been recuperating in the First Hospital before, which was also the closest hospital to the Hansen Mansion (Chapter 253). Still love him? Cora deduced that they should be upstairs now. “Why do you go upstairs? Visit Eason’s grandfather. Isn’t it because you still loved him? If so, I will look down on you.” Sally cursed Eason’s family before because Eason cheated on Cora.
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