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Chapter 264 His Daughter?

  • “Mr. Charles Grey, Jane will clean up as quickly as possible here. Would you like to rest in our meeting hall first?” Arnold’s aura was quite imposing, and if he stood in front of ordinary people, it would automatically make them look shorter. But in front of Charles, who was a generation younger than him, not only did he have to rein back his aura, he even lowered his voice a little, and his words contained a hint of flattery. Because he knew that Charles was no ordinary leader of the investigation team, but he was also a member of the Grey family, the most prominent family in Kinton. The statement he recorded during this investigation would not only determine whether Jane would be imprisoned, but it might also even endanger the century-old foundation of the Yoris family, so Arnold had no choice but to be careful in dealing with Charles. Charles said, “There’s no need. I just think your way of threatening this girl earlier was a little too excessive.” Charles was born into a top-notch family, and his calm and dignified demeanor made people dare not act rashly in front of him. Arnold hurriedly explained, “Mr. Charles Grey, I just wanted to teach this girl a lesson.
  • You might not know about it, but this girl always tends to distort facts. People’s words are terrifying, for when a rumor starts to spread, there’ll be no point to refute it, and the ones who suffer will still be those who have the wrong information about them turned into facts.” After all, he just cared about Jane. Having her medical qualification revoked was already distressing enough for Jane. And now, after letting Sally speak out that Jane had boasted about her being Byron’s fiancée while never being acknowledged by Byron himself since the beginning, how would Jane gain a foothold in New York? After saying that much, only then Arnold said solemnly, “I don’t think the parents of this girl discipline her well, and that’s why I had no choice but to...” But before he could finish speaking, Charles interrupted him with a sneer, “That will be unnecessary. I can discipline my daughter myself, and there’s no need for others to bother about it.” This time, Arnold was a little bewildered. “Did you say... daughter?” He looked at Charles, then at Sally. And he suddenly realized that both of them had Grey as their surname. Sally was Charles‘ daughter? No. That was impossible. Sally had been wearing clothes bought from street stalls since she joined the hospital for rotating shifts, and all she talked about was always Amazon. Could such a person be the lady of the most prominent family in Kinton? No, that was too ridiculous.
  • But many denials in Arnold’s heart were completely disintegrated after Sally called Charles “Dad” in a low voice. Charles said, “You naughty girl, you didn’t even say hello just now. Have you remembered that I am your father now?” Charles raised his hand to stroke Sally’s hair, and the love in his eyes was evident. “You know, I’m worried that it’ll be hard for you to carry out your job if I call out to you.” Sally didn’t hide her reliance on her father either, as she approached Charles and hugged the crook of his arm affectionately. Chapter 400 His Daughter? At the same time, Cora also called out, “Mr. Charles Grey.” “Long time, no see, Cora. You have suffered this time. Don’t worry, I will definitely enforce the law so that these people can no longer threaten you.” Charles had met Cora a few times and had a good impression of her, and that was why he could let his daughter get along with her at ease. “Thank you, Mr. Charles Grey.” As Cora smiled brightly at Charles, Arnold panicked. He tried to defend himself. “Mr. Charles Grey, you’ve misunderstood. Let me explain. I didn’t threaten them, and they were the ones who spread rumors first. If Charles were to report the true situation, the Yoris family would be doomed for good this time.
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