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Chapter 156 Expect A Pleasant Cooperation

  • In the Seasons Restaurant, Cora said resignedly, “I didn’t expect that the blind date my mother arranged for me would be you. I thought it was your namesake.” “Dr. Lane, it’s quite a surprise to see you too.” Lucas wore a sapphire blue suit and glared today, looking like a successful person in the tech industry. “My family has been urging me to get married, and it gave me a headache. I have almost two blind dates a week,” he said. He took off his glasses, revealing those charming eyes. Cora seemed to have found empathy. “I’m in a similar situation. But it’s a little better than yours because I’ve been busy in the hospital and can only participate in one blind date a week.” “That’s also very painful. And with your condition, you should be upset about how to reject the other party,” said Lucas. “You overthink. Those men were picky about me. Some people thought I spent too long in the hospital every day and couldn’t cook, take the children, or care for their parents at home. Some said that my mother’s medical expenses gave them a headache and that we could go further if I could handle it myself. And some felt I couldn’t afford the down payment when we got married, so it’s unfair to share the property with me.”
  • As soon as Cora complained about the recent blind date, she loosened her tongue. “The most ridiculous thing is that someone said I was too pretty and worried I would cheat on him.” Of course, some people didn’t make judgments about Cora. But they got inappropriate ideas when they ogled her and kept talking dirty to her. In short, Cora began to question everything in life after her blind dates during this period. Lucas was the first one to make her feel relaxed. “Me too. The other party asked me if I had a car and a house as soon as we met. They asked me what kind of car it was and where the house was located. Some said they wouldn’t live with my parents after marriage and wouldn’t have children. They also said we couldn’t interfere with each other’s lives too much.” Lucas also became a nonstop chatter and complained with Cora. “Since they don’t want to do anything, they shouldn’t have been out on a blind date and wasted each other’s time.” Speaking of which, Lucas asked Cora, “I’m almost thirty, and I work in the tech industry.
  • My family was worried I would be with a man, so they were so anxious to let me go on a blind date. Dr. Lane, you look young and have many strengths. Why are you in such a hurry to get married?” “Actually, it’s because of my mother. She tasked me with getting married at the end of the year on a whim.” When it came to Flora, Cora showed a tired look. She still didn’t understand why she insisted on letting her get married so soon. Lucas seemed to see Cora’s embarrassment and helplessness in dealing with the blind date. He suddenly asked, “Dr. Lane, why don’t we cooperate?” Cora looked up at him, and he continued, “Being forced to go on a blind date also gave me a headache, and it’s the same for you. Why don’t we tell our families we’ve fallen in love with each other, so we don’t have to continue to be forced to go on a blind date?” “But…” Cora wanted to say she didn’t want to be in a relationship recently, let alone waste his time. But Lucas seemed to know what she would say. He hurriedly said, “I just want to avoid being forced to go on a blind date every week.
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