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Chapter 154 Gabe Returned

  • After Cora took the last subway and arrived at the apartment building downstairs, it was almost 10 p.m. A sports car zoomed past, its roaring engine capturing Cora’s attention. Just as she saw the car, she felt like her heart was breaking free from all constraints and was about to leap out of her throat. Because that sports car looked like... “Mr. Hansen?” Yes, it seemed like Byron’s car. So, was he jealous? Was it because she had been too close with another man, and he came especially to see if she brought that man home? But just as Cora tried to focus and confirm if it was indeed his car, the vehicle had already disappeared around the street corner, leaving only a bustling crowd behind. It felt as if everything that had just happened was nothing but a dream. Cora smirked bitterly, realizing that whether it was real or a dream, in the end, they would still part ways. There was no point in lingering and getting hurt even more. The next morning, Cora received a call from the prison and quickly took leave to wait in front of the prison gate.
  • At exactly 9 a.m., a tall and lean figure walked out. “Gabe!” Hearing Cora’s call, he turned around and smiled brightly. “Cora!” The siblings embraced tightly, celebrating this hard-earned reunion. After the embrace, Cora took Gabe to the apartment to shower and change into clean clothes before taking him to a nearby restaurant for food. Before the meals arrived, Cora couldn’t help but tear up. “Brother, I’m sorry. You went through so much suffering because of me.” Gabe had lost a lot of weight, and he seemed like he had aged a lot, especially his once-bright eyes, now dulled as if covered with a layer of dust. Gabe quickly indulged in soothingly rubbing Cora’s head. “What are you saying, silly girl? It was most difficult for you. during the time I wasn’t around.” He knew better than anyone the dire circumstances their family had faced after the Lane family’s downfall. While he could still maintain respect through force in prison, it would be much harder for Cora without the protection of the Lane family. He couldn’t fathom how much mistreatment she must have endured without their backing, especially with her outstanding figure and appearance. “Gabe, I’m fine.” Cora smiled. But soon, her smile faded a bit.
  • Well, it couldn’t really be said that she wasn’t doing well, especially with her recent experience with Byron. He may have been SCM, but at least he made it clear from the start, never promising a future. And their breakup was dignified, as arranged, with Gabe being rescued as promised. “Cora, I know you’ve been through a tough time since you and Eason broke up. But now that I’m out, even if I have to risk my life, I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” In truth, Cora hadn’t intended to cry before, but for some reason, Gabe’s heartfelt words made her want to cry, and tears flowed uncontrollably. “Alright, everything will pa*s.” Gabe comforted her for a while before Cora gradually calmed down. After finishing their meal, Cora took Gabe to visit Flora. “Gabe, it’s good that you’re safe. Even if I die right now, I won’t be guilty when I see your father again,” Flora said excitedly upon seeing Gabe. “Mom, you have to take care of yourself too. Get well soon and leave the hospital, and then our whole family can reunite.” Although Flora wasn’t Gabe’s biological mother, they got along well, and Gabe had long since started calling her mom. After going through this turmoil together, they considered each other family.
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