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Chapter 7 His Comfort

  • Sally teased, “From Mr. Pope? He wants to see you, right?” ‘Not entirely right, but more or less,’ Cora thought. “Go! With that hot b*dy of yours, it’s impossible for a man not to be crazy about you. I’ll go have some fun myself,” Sally said before swiftly departing without looking back. Cora was about to call Sally back when she saw that man walking towards her. He wore a simple black shirt and trousers, yet his presence demanded attention. In the dim light of the street, Cora couldn’t discern his expression clearly, but she could see him handing her a car key. “You haven’t left yet?” Cora asked, sensing a faint smell of alcohol as he approached. It was not heavy, and it kind of smelled good. “I can’t leave if you don’t drive for me,” the man answered. ‘Why do I have to drive for you?’
  • Cora complained in her heart, ‘You could call a taxi, use a driver from home, or just hire someone.’ But eventually, Cora reluctantly took the car key and found herself once again gripping the steering wheel of the Koenigsegg Agera. As an improvement from last night, she refrained from mistaking the accelerator for the brake and avoided causing any traffic incidents. Yet her cautious driving speed resembled that of a snail. “If you keep driving at this pace, it'll be dawn by the time we arrive.” Byron frowned. A meaningful glint shone in his eyes. Cora smiled awkwardly, but she didn’t dare to increase her speed, fearing that she might end up damaging a car worth more than her life. Suddenly, Byron commanded, “Stop the car.” Relieved, Cora stepped on the brake but noticed that they had arrived near her apartment. She couldn’t help but feel tricked, yet Byron didn’t even spare her a glance. He opened the door and left.
  • Cora had no choice but to lock the car and follow him. “Mr. Hansen, your car key..." She tried to remind him, but Byron continued walking without acknowledging her. Soon, they arrived at her apartment door. Just as before, Cora couldn’t withstand Byron’s stare and opened the door to let him in. As soon as they entered, Byron lifted her up in his arms. Cora panicked momentarily but quickly wrapped her arms around Byron’s neck, adopting a playful smile. “Mr. Hansen, you sent me off with a long-term wine contract last night. What benefits are you going to offer me tonight?” Cora’s words were laced with mockery, aimed at both herself and Byron for trample on her self-esteem. Byron gazed down at the woman in his arms, observing her fake smile, which caused him to frown. “What do you want? Just tell me.”
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