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Chapter 297 Meet Eason

  • However, Gabe didn’t answer Cora’s question directly. “Cora, getting this invitation card was really difficult for me.” But despite that, Cora felt as if Gabe was trying to convey an important message to her. She felt as if her long-dead heart had suddenly come back to life. at that moment. But before she could continue probing Gabe, a familiar male voice came from behind. “Cora?” When Cora looked back, she saw Eason. She felt Eason had matured and become more stable compared to four years ago. His clothing and appearance were the same as before, clad in all-black attire. Even his hairstyle... Cora didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she had a constant feeling that the present Eason seemed to be replicating Byron’s appearance. Not only his clothes, which were reminiscent of Byron’s preferred style and color, but even his hairstyle. So, looking at his silhouette, Cora almost thought she was seeing Byron again. But his voice shattered all the excitement in Cora’s heart. Ra, it’s really you.” Eason barely concealed his joy at seeing Cora again. He even stepped forward briefly, intending to hold Cora’s hand. Four years had passed. He had been married to Mia for exactly four years.
  • However, during these four years, he regretted betraying Cora and being with Mia every moment. Every day, faced with Mia’s increasingly plump figure and the noisy child at home, he felt extremely annoyed. So, he had been avoiding going home for a long time, let alone sharing a bed with Mia. And he felt that the more he couldn’t have something, the more he yearned for it. In these four years, every dream he had was filled with intimate moments with Cora. He longed to rekindle his relationship with Cora. Especially today, when he saw Cora wearing a golden sequined fishtail skirt, her captivating and graceful figure alluring, a greedy desire flickered in his eyes that he couldn’t conceal. But when Cora saw him, she didn’t share the same joy. She simply greeted him casually, “Mr. Patton, long time no see.” Cora’s demeanor towards him was not only distant, but even her way of addressing him made him distinctly perceive that she was attempting to create distance between the two of them. This was not what Eason wanted to see.
  • So, he looked at Cora with a forced smile and said, “Cora, it has indeed been a long time since we last met, but there’s no need to be so distant.” Cora said in mockery, “But we don’t know each other very well. After all, we are not close. If it weren’t for your constant reminders, we would have forgotten about your marriage for money.” Eason’s expression contorted. He now hates it when people mock his marriage! But he quickly adjusted his expression and continued, “I will be getting a divorce soon. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am currently the CEO of the Hansen Group. And after tonight, it is highly likely that I will become the owner of the Hansen Group.” Although Eason used the words “highly likely,” he spoke with a confident tone. Ever since Byron’s unexpected demise, under Lydia’s guidance, he has imitated Byron’s style of dressing and hairstyle. Moreover, being close in age to Byron, every time he appeared before the Hansen elders from the Hansen family, they seemingly saw Byron in him.
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