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Chapter 122 Getting Closer

  • After more than an hour, Byron stopped. The off-road vehicle quieted down. Byron was fully dressed again. He buttoned up the shirt neatly and put on the suit jacket and leather shoes. He looked solemn and cold at this time, as if the man who lost control and coaxed her just now was not him. When Cora got dressed, Byron had already finished smoking a cigarette. He looked at her. His deep eyes were full of desire. His hot eyes made Cora blush. “You should go,” Cora reminded her. “Hmm.” She didn’t know if it was because she had S** just now. Byron's voice rose a little with a lazy and joyful feeling. Cora was agitated by his mature, manly aura. Her heart skipped a beat. So she opened the car door. “I’ll leave first."
  • Byron pinched her waist before she could get out of the car. Core was a little annoyed. She looked back and saw his faint smile, which was only a faint smile, but it was real. return to New York and wait for you.” His voice was hoarse after having S**. It was as attractive as roses blooming in the night. The moment the two looked at each other, there seemed to be an electric current flowing through their bodies. Their hearts seemed to be getting closer. “Um.* Cora hastily withdrew her gaze, fearing that he would not be willing to leave, but she could not get out of the car. She immediately got out of the car. Then she heard the engine sound of the vehicle. They didn’t wave goodbye, but their eyes met through the rearview mirror, and then both smiled again.
  • It wasn’t until Cora watched the car disappear at the intersection that she returned to the tent. “Dr. Lane, where did you go just now?” The head nurse came into the tent to take things and was puzzled when she saw Cora’s blushing face. “I went to the bathroom.” Afraid of being spotted, Cora asked, “What’s up?” The head nurse smiled. “Nothing. Dr. Lane, you look beautiful with your hair down.” She said this sincerely. It was her first time seeing Cora’s appearance. After all, Cora usually tied her hair in the hospital, trying to shape herself into an inflexible image. But at this moment, her long hair hung down her back, and her face was glowing with a charming blush, which made the head nurse unconsciously think of the scene of cherry blossoms falling all over the sky.
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