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Chapter 255 To Conceive

  • Jane wailed while sprawled on the bed. When Sara pushed the door open, she immediately took in the distressing scene, prompting her to tear up as well. “Jane, don’t cry. Your crying breaks my heart.” She rushed forward and embraced Jane tightly. “But I really don’t want to marry Harry. I just want to be with Byron.” Even before getting in touch with Byron, Jane’s heart and eyes were fixated on him. After they got close, she couldn’t stand the thought of being with anyone else. “I know, I know!” Jane tried to wrench herself free from Sara’s arms, but Sara held her tightly, so she could only continue wailing. “What do you know? I was the one who was with Byron first, and I loved him so much. Why did he end up with someone else?” Jane cried for a long time in Sara’s arms until she finally fell asleep. To her surprise, William had news for her during breakfast the next day.
  • “I’ve already talked with the Cross family, and they’re quite satisfied with you. Harry even suggested that you could get engaged and get to know each other better.” William had also spoken with Harry, and it was evident from Harry’s words that he really liked Jane. That rather surprised him. Besides, his gut feeling told him that if Jane agreed to marry Harry, she would undoubtedly be happier than if she married Byron. It was because Harry would unconsciously wear a smile whenever they discussed the matter. However, Jane lashed out, angry at the prospect of marriage with Harry. “You must be in it for the money, aren’t you? Do I look like a fool to you who would defer to you without question?” “Watch what you say! You’re my daughter! Why would I ever sell you off? I just want you to enjoy a happy life.” William was furious, for he didn’t expect his daughter to misconstrue his words when all he had were good intentions. Seeing that they were about to get into an argument, Sara quickly pulled Jane aside. “Why are you throwing a tantrum at your father? He’s also under pressure from your grandfather, so he felt he had no choice but to arrange this.” Jane still looked reluctant. “But I really don’t want to be with Harry.”
  • “Sure, it’s up to you. We’re just testing the waters. It’s not like you’ll be married to him right away.” Sara tried to comfort Jane as much as possible. “I’ll do my best to get rid of that bitch. Her jolly days won’t last.” Jane hadn’t been eating properly in her frustration, and it was all because of Cora. Sara thought her face looked sallow. Thus, all Sara wanted was to improve Jane’s mood as soon as possible and encourage her to eat more so her health wouldn’t suffer. “You’re the best, Mom.” mon booring Sara’s comforting words Little did she expect that upon arriving at the hotel, she would be led to a specific dressing room. Byron followed her into the room, holding a gown in a box. “Change into this one.” Cora opened the box to find a pastel pink tulle gown lying inside. The design of the neckline and hem was unique and interesting. Most importantly, they would be covering her up from every angle, giving her a dignified look.
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