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Chapter 290 Four Years Later

  • Four years later, in a private medicine clinic in Leucrest Town, “I’ve had an appointment for more than ten days. Why isn’t it in my order yet?” After someone introduced her, a woman in her fifties who had been suffering from illness for many years traveled thousands of miles to visit this medical facility in Leucrest Town. But after registering, she had been waiting in line. Then she had already been in Leucrest Town for half a month, and it was still not her turn yet. She couldn’t sit still anymore and went to the clinic early in the morning, planning to complain to the medical staff there. As a result, the medical staff were too busy to take care of her. A man in his early seventies next to her spoke up. “You can’t sit still after waiting for just ten days? I’ve been waiting for nearly half a year, and I haven’t had my turn yet.” After listening to this, she immediately felt a lot more balanced, but she couldn’t help asking the man quietly. “You have waited for a long time in this small clinic. Why are you here?” “Terminal cancer.” “My God.” The woman was surprised and asked again, “Then why are you still waiting here? You may not be cured here, and it is better to go to a big hospital for chemotherapy. I heard that there is a targeted drug now that can coexist.” But the man interrupted her.
  • “Chemotherapy in a big hospital can only bring suffering, and I may not be able to survive. I’d rather stay here and wait in line. At least the treatment process is not painful, and there is a high probability of survival.” “They can do that here.” “Yes. Otherwise, why do you think there are so many people waiting here every day? And several of my friends who had cancer were cured here. They are enjoying their lives now.” It was precisely because of the strong recommendation of those friends that the old man had confidence in this small clinic. But when the two talked to this point, a woman in a light blue knitted dress and white high heels walked into the clinic. She didn’t wear any makeup, but her skin was glowing. Her long hair swayed slightly as she walked, looking very beautiful. She shone into this small clinic like a ray of sunshine. Almost everyone present was attracted to her. But in the astonishing eyes of everyone, the nurse at the clinic called out happily, “Dr. Lane! Is your shift today?” “Yes, my teacher is going fishing today, so he asks me to come over to see the patients.”
  • The woman smiled, and dimples appeared at the corners of her lips, looking very attractive. Only after being amazed did these people quickly notice the problem. “No way. Do you mean the doctor won’t come today?” “We have been waiting in line for several months, and are you going to let a little girl treat us?” Many patients came to their senses and complained. The woman also said, “How old is this girl? I guess she hasn’t even read all the medical books. How can she be a doctor? Whether we will be cured or not is another matter, but what if someone dies?” The old man was immediately disappointed. He originally pinned his hope of survival on that old doctor here, so even if he waited for more than half a year, he still waited. Unexpectedly, he got this result... Maybe it was too much of a blow, or maybe it was his blood pressure that went high. Amidst the noise of the crowd, he clutched his chest in pain and passed out. The woman next to him was still attacking the medical staff, but unexpectedly, the old man next to her passed out, so she couldn’t care about anything else and hurriedly called for help.
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