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Chapter 4 A Whim

  • Cora began her first promotion shift. "Would you like to try this new cocktail, sir?" It's delectable." Cora grinned, her dimples at the corners of her mouth vibrant and enticing. Byron had secured her a part-time job peddling various alcoholic beverages. The customers were almost entirely guys, and they looked at her with eager eyes, asking, "You want us to order the drinks you promote?" "Then show us why we should buy it," another person laughed. A bald man with dirty fingers stood up and poured ten shots of Patron. "Come on, if you can drink with us, we'll order a few bottles from you."
  • "I can't keep my liquor down." I sincerely apologize." She had S** with Byron after drinking a few glasses of wine the night before. Her tolerance for alcohol was not her strong suit. Cora wanted to abandon this table, so she smiled and prepared to depart. Surprisingly, some male attendees refused to let her leave. "Come on, this is how you treat your clients?" Spire 73 was well-known for its attractive bartenders and servers. That is another reason why so many men visit this location. However, just as they were ready to grab Cora, a cold male voice interrupted them. "What are you doing?" Everyone turned to face the voice and noticed that the man's eyes were as frigid as an iceberg.
  • "Mr. Hansen!" Almost everyone who came here to have fun was a wealthy young man from New York. The majority of them had heard of Byron Hansen. After all, he is the same dude whose pictures are all over the place. Magazines, billboards, and social media are all examples of advertising. "Byron Hansen, the hottest and most eligible bachelor," claimed one magazine. "Who will take the gold?" Cora was taken aback when she saw Byron. One young man attempted to downplay the situation, saying, "We were just messing with her; we meant no harm." "You are not qualified to do such a thing," Byron stated coldly to those people. "Go get lost."
  • His tone was nonchalant, but his innate arrogance and overpowering aura immediately reminded the audience that Spire 73 was also owned by the Hansen family. "I'm sorry, Mr. Hansen. We went over the line." "Mr. Hansen, it won't happen again." They apologized quickly. Byron, on the other hand, ignored them. He just said glumly to the bartender, who had heard the news and raced over, "Throw these people out." Sue them for sexual harassment and never let them inside another Hansen Group establishment." The seemingly unimportant command made several guys weak in the knees. The Hansen Group owned nearly all of New York's finest leisure and entertainment venues.
  • If they were excluded from those venues in the future, how could they maintain their face in the social circle of New York's new rich young men? How were they going to keep in touch? They kept apologizing and pleading for forgiveness, hoping Mr. Hansen would be sympathetic. Unfortunately, the man ignored them, so the management promptly requested that the bouncers accompany them out. Byron didn't even look at Cora when those people were escorted out. He merely returned to his previous position. Cora pursued him because she wanted to thank him. "For what happened just now, I'd like to thank you for your help."
  • Cora respectfully nodded to Harry, seated on the side, after thanking him. Cora acted graciously and maintained the air that a daughter of a wealthy and powerful family should have. With a smile, Harry returned the nod. Harry suddenly realized why Byron had overlooked his connection with Eason in favor of sleeping with Cora. But Byron was ignoring her at the time.
  • Cora's gaze, however, was drawn to Byron's hand. It was gushing. "Are you hurt? Allow me to assist you in taking care of it." Byron had just helped her, despite the fact that she had no idea how he had become injured. Furthermore, because Cora is a doctor, she cannot simply ignore someone who has been injured. Harry cast a peek toward Byron, recalling Byron shattering a wine glass with his hands when he spotted those individuals. Cora hara*s. How interesting! Harry's gaze flashed between Cora and Byron.
  • She is abandoning herself. Cora summoned the manager and requested a first-aid kit. She then grabbed Byron's hand in hers and began to deal with it. Harry attempted to greet Cora, but she was preoccupied with Byron's wound. As a doctor, this was her natural tendency. Byron disregarded Cora, but he didn't stop her from tending to his wound. "The wound appears to be quite deep. Try not to come into contact with any water for the next two days." Cora meticulously treated Byron's wound and reminded him. She expected Byron to continue to ignore her. She stood up to go after saying that. Byron unexpectedly inquired, "Do you know how to drive?"
  • Cora was surprised for a second before realizing Byron was speaking to her. "Yes, but…" Cora rarely drove and usually utilized the metro to travel around the city. But before she could finish, Byron handed her the keys to the car and said, "Drive me home." Cora wanted to refuse, but when she saw the gauze wrapped over his palm, she realized he couldn't drive. He also assisted her three times in one day, so it was only fair to return the favor. Cora eventually took the car key. Enter a title... "I guess there really is going to be a next time," mumbled Harry as he watched the two of them leave. Cora had never driven a car for $400,000 before.
  • She's never driven anything else than a Toyota, in fact. But isn't it all the same? Just the brakes and the throttle pedal. Cora pondered. However, as soon as she passed through an intersection, Byron, who had been riding leisurely in the passenger seat, became serious. Cora mistakenly thought the accelerator was the brake and ran a red light. She nearly collided with a car crossing the street, causing traffic delays. "How did you pass your driver's test?" "It's been awhile!" Cora stated this after exhaling deeply. The air was filled with the sound of other automobiles honking their horns. Cora seemed embarrassed and turned to face Byron. Byron returned her gaze. Cora wasn't sure if it was because of the lighting, but Byron's gaze seemed much more intense than previously. "Do you not live a block away?" Then go to your place."
  • "Okay," Cora said. She discovered her back was saturated as she drove the car to her flat. "Well, this is me; do you want to call your driver to come?" Cora could finally relax after the automobile was parked. She's lucky she didn't damage the automobile because she couldn't afford to restore it. Byron got out of the car, much to her amazement. When Cora finally caught up with him, he was already in front of her apartment building. "Open the door." Byron's comments were succinct and powerfully deterrent. Even Cora saw what this meant. "Mr. Hansen…" Cora wanted to say no. Continuing to sleep with Eason's uncle was a bad idea.
  • She was concerned that if others found out about their relationship, her reputation would suffer and her work would be jeopardized. But when Cora remembered how effortlessly she went to sleep after sleeping with Byron the night before, she didn't want to refuse him. She's had sleeplessness since her father committed suicide, shattering her entire life. She moved to her dingy apartment and would lie in bed for hours just staring at the ceiling. But she had the best night's sleep in ages last night. Thinking about this, she flung wide the door to her apartment building and welcomed Byron inside. Even if she knew this peace of mind was illusory, she wanted to seize it.
  • Byron was so inspired by her sudden action that he nearly stripped her naked in the hallway. Cora had to remind him that people could leave at any time. Cora led Byron to her room, and he threw her onto the bed. His aroma entered her nostrils, soothing her racing heart. She didn't feel any pain this time when he thrust inside her. She was already drenched in desire. "So eager..." he murmured in her ear. His hands grabbed for her breasts, pinching a nipple. Cora exclaimed in delight because this was the first time she had experienced such a thrill. Byron was encouraged by her moans. He thrust harder, then fl*pped her over to grab her from behind. As he continued to lick her b*dy, he sn*ked one hand around to softly stroke her cl't.
  • Cora's thighs shook violently, and her moans could be heard clearly. "Please….! Please….Byron!" She could feel tightness rising in her core. Byron hesitated for a split second after hearing his name on her lips before ramping up the pace and angling her again to go deeper. The ferocity of his thrusts shook her cheap bed to the point of cracking. Cora finally let out a muffled gasp as she jumped all over his c*ck. Her entire body was trembling, so Bryon knew she was in trouble. finished. Byron gave a few final thrusts before releasing inside of her, and they both fell asleep in fatigue.