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Chapter 300 He Is Supreme!

  • But unlike Cora, who was ecstatic and overwhelmed, Gabe just raised an eyebrow as he looked at Byron. In fact, after these four years of wear and tear, his animosity toward Byron had mostly faded away. At that moment, Gabe couldn’t truly say that he hated Byron anymore. He simply had a vague feeling that this man, unlike Cora, didn’t seem as eager for their reunion. Byron was standing on the stage, and he had clearly heard Cora’s excited call, but he just cast a cold glance at Cora. That almost emotionless gaze made Gabe get a bad feeling. On the other side, Osborn invited Byron to come up and give a speech. Byron did not decline. His demeanor remained remarkably calm, as if he considered everything to be expected or ordinary. However, no one expected that as soon as he took the microphone, Eason suddenly spoke out from the audience. “Who are you? Why are you impersonating my uncle Byron? He’s been dead for four years.” Eason had calmed down, but he still felt unwilling.
  • He had worked hard to control the Hansen Group for four years and was finally about to reap the rewards. How could he allow someone to steal his victory? Lydia also spoke up at this moment: “Dad, even if you miss Byron, you can’t just find someone to have plastic surgery to look like him and hand over our family’s business to him.” I had been standing below the stage, eagerly awaiting the moment when her son would completely take over the Hansen Group. Unexpectedly, Byron was alive and standing in front of everyone, replacing her son and becoming the new successor of the Hansen Group. Lydia was once extremely surprised, and she even felt that her years of hard work had been in vain. But with her son’s questioning, she seemed to regain her confidence. “No matter how much this person resembles Byron, he is not Byron after all. Even if you hand the company over to him, he won’t work as hard for the Hansen Group as Eason did.” Lydia strongly believed that the person on stage was likely an imposter disguised as Byron through plastic surgery.
  • After all, four years ago, they all attended Byron’s funeral, and when they saw his body, it had turned into charcoal. And in these four years, the reason why Eason was able to gain the trust of the Hansen elders and obtain absolute control over the Hansen Group was because Eason had been trying to imitate Byron. In Lydia’s perspective, it was not out of the realm of possibility for Osborn, who deeply missed Byron, to have sought out someone and undergone plastic surgery to make them resemble her. Under the continuous questioning of Eason and Lydia, everyone’s eyes on the man on stage seemed to contain more doubt. But facing the various gazes, Byron remained expressionless throughout. He calmly asked with a sneer, “Would working diligently for the Hansen Group mean subcontracting the projects to the Patton Group? Or joining forces with the Cross Group to divide the Hansen Group’s industries?” Byron’s simple retort caused Lydia and Eason to change their expressions. Lydia believed that only the real Byron would have the ability to accurately comprehend the deceitful actions they had carried out over the years upon his return. No one else could do that. “After the banquet, we will settle this score.” Byron ordered coldly without showing any emotions.
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