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Chapter 138 Refuse To Accommodate Him

  • "I may not have the right to interfere, but Byron, Cora is a person, not a mere plaything. Since you know there’s no future for you and her, why do you hurt her?” Byron didn’t respond instantly this time. Instead, he cast a glance at the woman in his arms. She appeared to be asleep, her eyes tightly closed. Gazing at her sleeping face for a moment, Byron finally spoke lightly: “She initiated things with me, and she doesn’t care about the future. Then why are you getting involved?” With those words, he carried Cora and strode toward the elevator. Tyler stood there, looking shocked, as if struck by lightning. He had assumed that Cora was coerced into this dangerous relationship with Byron or that she had no choice but to be with him out of desperation. But he had never imagined that Cora had deliberately provoked him. Him Did Byron hold a different place in Cora’s heart?
  • What about him? What did he mean to Cora? Tyler couldn’t find the answer and decided to drown his sorrows alone in a bar. Both men believed that only they knew about their conversation. However, as Byron carried Cora away, her eyelashes trembled slightly. The aftermath of a hangover was terrible. As Cora woke up, she felt her stomach burning, and everything seemed unpleasant. Even when Byron accidentally brushed against her arm, she reacted like an irritable cat. “Don’t touch me!” “Your bed is so small. It’s inevitable to touch you.” Byron was also in a bad mood in the early morning. “Don’t you have a fiancée? According to the wedding, Pack up your things and go sleep with your fiancée on her huge bed.” Thinking about the news she had seen yesterday, Cora grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.
  • Enough of her temper, Byron immediately rolled over to press her under him, intending to torment her. However, Cora refused to yield. She struggled when Byron tried to k*ss her and even bit him. It was not a light nibble but a fierce bite that tore a piece from his mouth, leaving both of them tasting blood. Despite that, it only seemed to spur Byron on further. When it was all over, Cora felt discomfort throughout her body. She turned over, facing away from him. But Byron embraced her from behind, gently nuzzling her ear. “Still angry?” “No. You got what you wanted, so go pack your things. I won’t accommodate someone else’s fiancé,” Cora said in a tired tone, refusing to look at him. Byron did get up and make rustling sounds as if he were packing his clothes.
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