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Chapter 263 Arrogant Attitude

  • “Your friend may not have much ability, but she certainly has an arrogant attitude.” Seeing that Sally had ended the video call, Arnold even smiled at Cora. Cora knew very well that Arnold probably intended to use Sally’s rotation performance to threaten her into signing the letter of understanding. She smiled, saying, “It didn’t bother you. What are you worrying about?” Upon seeing the b*dyguards still hesitant to leave, Cora said directly, “It’s fine. They won’t dare to do anything to me. You all can leave for now. If Mr. Hansen asks about it later, just tell him that I allowed them to come in.” If she didn’t let them in, they wouldn’t stop that day and would come frequently in the future. She was really fed up with their faces, so she decided to put an end to them. As for the Yoris family’s retribution, it should come soon. Whether they understood the meaning of Sally’s words in the previous video or not, she understood them clearly. After the b*dyguards backed off, Arnold and William placed the gifts they had brought on the table. But Cora said, “Take these things back later; don’t leave them here, taking up space.” You are really different now, Mrs. Hansen.” William personally selected those gifts, and they were all nutritious supplements that were good for women’s recovery.
  • He didn’t want Cora to have any lingering health issues. But now that kindness was being treated like rubbish. He couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. With an ironic smile, Cora said, “Yeah, finally, someone is backing me up. I don’t have to handle all the negative emotions on my own anymore.” Listening to Cora’s sarcastic remarks, Arnold felt uneasy. He interrupted her conversation with William and said, “Alright, let’s stop talking about the irrelevant stuff and focus on the main issue.” Once upon a time, he genuinely liked this girl and hoped that she could inherit his skills. Indeed, he never expected that their relationship would deteriorate like that. “We are deeply sorry for what Jane and Sara have done to you, so we decided to give you the following compensation...” William and Arnold had made thorough preparations that day. Before coming, they prepared a long list of compensations and two contracts. Once these two contracts are signed, all the movable and immovable properties listed in the compensation list, which others wouldn’t be able to earn in their entire lives, would belong to Cora. However, by signing these two contracts, Cora would also forgive Sara and Jane for what they have done to her.
  • Cora listened to William list numerous valuable items without any emotional fluctuations on her face. William, seeing the situation, could only mention Sara’s current situation. “Sara did indeed make a serious mistake, but she is currently ill and suffering inside. She’s in so much pain that she can’t even seek medical treatment. Cora kept telling herself in her heart over and over again that there was no need to be soft-hearted. She didn’t owe them anything, and there was no need to blame herself for Sara’s current situation. But in the end, her emotions overwhelmed her rationality. “Enough, stop talking. I can sign the forgiveness letter without taking anything from you, but you must promise that you will never appear before me again, especially Sara. Upon hearing her words, both Wilham and Arnold were taken aback. They knew that Cora harbored resentment towards them, and they felt that she wouldn’t easily compromise at that time. They even prepared for the possibility that if Cora refused to sign the forgiveness letter, they would interfere with Flora’s treatment to force her to comply. Surprisingly, Cora eventually relented and agreed to sign the forgiveness letter without taking a single penny.
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