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Chapter 242 I Don't Need Your Consent

  • Flora looked up at Cora in astonishment. There was already a bloodstain on her forehead, and the swollen part looked scary. In the past, Cora would be extremely anxious when she knew Flora was injured and would immediately put down what she was doing to help her treat the wounds. But at this moment, she glanced at her forehead coldly and said, “I want to be with Byron.” Neither the Yoris family nor Flora wanted Cora to be with Byron. But Cora would not let things go as they expected. In addition, as long as she was with Byron, Gabe’s affairs could be solved easily. But she didn’t know if Byron would reject her. “No. You can’t do that!” Flora was angry when she heard this. She had been in contact with Byron, thinking his character was quite good. If Jane and Byron could get married, then she would have no regrets. “Humph! You don’t allow it! So what? I don’t need your consent now.”
  • Flora wanted to say something, but Cora said before she could speak, “If you anger me, I’ll go to Sara and expose the matter. Then, you will know if Jane can still be the rich young lady of the Yoris family.” Cora didn’t go to the Yoris Mansion and expose this matter. That wasn’t because of Flora’s begging and kneeling. The main reason was that she didn’t like the Yoris family, let alone come to get close to them. After saying that, Cora didn’t bother to glance at Flora anymore. She turned around and left the ward. Flora wanted to chase her. But from what Cora said, she understood that she didn’t plan to expose everything for the time being. So she gave up chasing her. As for what to do next, she felt that she had to consider carefully.
  • As soon as Cora came out of the ward, she saw a nurse walking towards her anxiously. “Dr. Lane, are you okay?” The sound in the room just now was loud. The nurse was quite worried that Flora would commit suicide again. “I’m fine. She won’t make trouble again.” From Flora’s desperate appearance for Jane, Cora thought her previous mental problems were caused by this. Today, Cora had half uncovered the truth. In the following days, Flora would only worry about Jane’s situation and be afraid that she could not protect Jane if she died. So she was sure that Flora would not dare to commit suicide again. “That’s good.” The nurse also breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Flora was a patient in the burn unit. If she committed suicide, every medical staff member in the burns unit would be held accountable. Seeing that Cora was about to leave, the nurse hurriedly handed over the bill.
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