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  • Kavi’s POV
  • *16 years later*
  • I fell down on the grassy land and let out a fake gasp clutching my leg, looking at the small greyish black furry pup who was panting excitedly and howling his victory of defeating his mother with head bumping my leg. A medium-sized midnight black wolf appeared before my vision and rolled her eyes laying next to me placing her head over my lap. Spending time with my children is always the BEST thing in this universe.
  • 'Mom, you should be careful at this time. Dad will scold you if he sees you carelessly falling like this.'
  • My daughter's complaining voice filled my mind yet her concern was very evident for her little brother in my stomach.
  • Destiny had blessed me with very lovely children. My daughter, Ananya was now fifteen years old and my son, Amudhan was four years who we named after Akhilan's brother to honour his sacrifice and our third child was in three months due safely growing inside my stomach. I am very grateful to my creator for blessing me with these adorable kids.
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