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Chapter 22

  • Kavi’s POV
  • Can you be happy and sad at the same time?
  • Yes, here I am!
  • Logan and Surya have found their mates the day after the war and they were glued to each other. Madhu and Vibha were friends from childhood and they belong to Crimson Moon pack who happened to meet Logan and Surya in a pack festival. Madhu is Logan's mate; Vibha is Surya's mate. These two females were so sweet but possessive at the same time.
  • The females were too fast to apply for transfer. They met each other parents and everyone was so happy. My friend and little cousin had found their other half and they are going to live their life happily. Surya privately apologised for his earlier behaviour and also stated how he and his wolf was so much in love with Vibha and her wolf. But his wolf and he still feel protective of me and we feel bonded in some way. His mate understood about it without much drama but I could sense a hint of possessiveness in her eyes whenever Surya talk to me. I noticed Logan's orange scent mixed with strawberries and noticed his mark on Madhu's neck. The way they look at each other with so much love makes me very happy. Surya being new to this, he is taking their relationship slow.
  • And my mom was staying home as much as possible and she was trying to compensate all these years by giving more attention to me. But I asked her to behave normally after a day and she agreed. I can't act all the time being happy when deep down the mate bond was torturing me. Though her love makes me feel better for my sore mood caused by my mate.
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