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Chapter 35

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I mind linked Paari and he confirmed that Ashwin was still in his den. He would be having a hangover but I have a trick in my sleeve. I took my bike and made my way to his apartment. I knocked a few times as I want to start it right Sneaking might make him irritated. After a few minutes, he opened the door with an irritated look holding his head.
  • “Who are you? What do you want?”
  • He asked me in a pained voice. I extended my hand and touched his head. I connected to his heartbeat and hydrated his system and took his headache away. He narrowed his eyes and pulled me in drawing a knife out of nowhere and held it to my neck.
  • “Who are you, bitch? You smell like a werewolf but performing magic? Are you a hybrid?”
  • I rolled my eyes and looked at him with bored expression with the scrunched up nose. He actually reeks of alcohol.
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