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Chapter 20

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I took in the sight of the person whom I despised the most in my life. He was well built like any wolf and has an ugly scar across his face. A cut from a silver knife. His vibrant blue eyes only showed pride and arrogance. Now I knew why I felt protective over Iniyan. He is my half-brother. His innocence attracted me, unlike Ilamaran’s dirty mind similar to his father. I was still stunned as it was feeling surreal. I have been so close to him for the past one and half year. But I didn’t happen to meet him before. Though this was good. I could give him what he deserved.
  • I turned around and looked at Sezhiyan.
  • “So he is the reason you didn’t want my presence here. Right? But Alpha, this has become my war now. I promise you that I won’t use special powers. As you mentioned, I will put up a fair fight. I have been training for this moment for the past seven years. Please let me do what I wanted at this once. I beg you.”
  • He was about to reply but Krishnan’s voice stopped him.
  • “Stop bragging about your Alpha, bitch. He will not stand for a minute on the fight with me. You will see that in a few minutes. Yeah, we would finish this war before it strikes an hour.”
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