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Chapter 40

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I took in a deep breath and entered the Throne Hall. Every people here were taller than the usual humans and werewolves and been standing in well-coordinated rows. The hall was very huge and almost a thousand people would be there. The people were standing on the two sides leaving a way for me in the middle of the hall for us to walk to the throne; the same throne I saw in my vision. Akhilan and Maayan were behind me along with Aadhira. Irrespective of the huge crowd, there was complete silence in the hall. I was wearing a black gown. Aadhira insisted me wear that colour because people love me in that colour. She was furious to see my bruised mark and it took me a good half and hour to explain nothing was Akhilan's fault. The way everyone did service to me while getting ready-made me astounded. I am totally against slavery but they call it as devotion and doing things willingly.
  • Akhilan was confused as well to this meeting arrangement but Maayan said that this should be done immediately. The place had changed the instance I placed my foot on the surface of this realm. So the truth should be let out to avoid confusion among the people living here.
  • Maayan asked me to be confident and I was trying to be. My wolf helped me by radiating our authority. Row by row they fell on their knees while I walked past them. I hide my slip at the beginning as I was startled when suddenly they knelt but managed it and walked with my chin up. Also, I could feel the vibration of this place affecting me. I feel more powerful upon entering this Throne hall. I walked up to the stairs to the throne and turned around to face the people still on their kneeling position and Akhilan and Maayan were standing at the last stairs. Akhilan was looking at me and the crowd to and fro. I found Aadhira on her knees opposite side of my mate and Maayan. I ran my eyes over the people bowing before me and gulped. I looked at Maayan who gave me an encouraging smile.
  • “You may stand! I know you are thinking that I am your Goddess. It may be true. But I don’t remember anything from my past. I am so confused right now... lots of questions were bombarding my mind and I need to find answers for them. I don’t know why this was all happening to me. I may look similar to Layla whom you all worshipped but I am not Layla. I don’t possess any divine powers. I am Kavithanjali, a werewolf now with some special powers. I don’t even know whether I will get my powers back. Maayan wasn’t sure that he could give my powers back to me. We have planned to go where it all happened tomorrow. And if things went right, I might come back with memories of Layla along with the powers. I don’t know what will happen if things have gone wrong. But I will do my best to meet the trust you all have on me.”
  • The words came out in flow as I confessed to the people who blindly believe in me. I don’t have any idea what was going to happen tomorrow. They all bowed their head. I looked at them in surprise. I am zero now yet they respect me and accept me as I am.
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