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A Mysterious She-wolf

A Mysterious She-wolf


Last update: 2020-11-03

Chapter 1

  • Author note
  • Hi friends,
  • First I would like to thank you for choosing my book. This is my first attempt to write a supernatural story. To tell the truth, I am extremely addicted to werewolf stories. That’s why I decided to give a try on writing a book on werewolves. I don't know whether werewolves are real or myth but if it is actually true, I would trade anything in my power to become one without any second thought. Hope you understood my craze for them.
  • And I warn you that English is not my first language and there might be few mistakes/errors in my book. I apologise for them in advance and I highly welcome your reviews of my book. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  • This story is purely my own imagination and doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. The source for all the pictures I am posting here is Google.
  • DISCLAIMER: Some character in my story might test your patience and you might think that they are insane. But if you read past that, you will surely realise the reason behind every behaviour of the characters. As the name denotes, the story has lots of mysteries which would be unfolded over the time. Have patience and enjoy reading!
  • All rights reserved to the author.
  • Hope you will like my story.
  • Please do support by voting and sharing.
  • Comment your opinion or doubts about my story.
  • Thanks in advance for all my readers.
  • Read this before proceeding to the story.
  • Hi cupcakes!
  • I would highly recommend you to read this because I am intended to write few facts that I used in my book on werewolves; obviously, this is the mixture of my imaginations and the things I have read about the werewolf. You may find a few facts similar or different from other books. As I mentioned earlier, I have the craze for werewolves and I gathered a few things which I found amazing and gonna use the same in this book. So read it, folks. It would help you to have a clear view when you are reading the upcoming chapters.
  • Okay. Let's do this in a questionnaire type
  • 1) What is mean by the werewolf?
  • Dictionary meaning: were means human; you know the meaning of wolf.
  • So it means the hybrid of half-human and half-wolf.
  • Werewolf is commonly believed as a creature that can shift from human form to wolf and vice-versa.
  • In this era, werewolf prefers to be in their human form to mingle with humans. And both the wolf and the human part can take control of both forms. For example, the wolf part can take control over the human form and human part can control the wolf in wolf form.
  • Hope I didn’t confuse u!
  • 2) What are the differences between a Human, a normal wolf and a werewolf?
  • -A werewolf could shift into wolf and back into human form; humans /wolf can’t.
  • -A werewolf would have enhanced senses of hearing, vision, speed and smell; human don’t / wolf doesn’t have them to the extent of the werewolf.
  • -A werewolf would heal 10 times faster than others.
  • -A werewolf could mind-link(telepathy) within any fellow werewolf from the same pack if there is no wall on other’s mind and also can mind-link one’s mate after marking; human/wolf can’t!
  • -Werewolf is bigger in size than a normal wolf which would reach about 5 to 6 feet. (Wow!)
  • 3) How do they live?
  • Werewolves are territorial, loyal and protective. Werewolves live as a group/pack which was lead by an Alpha wolf (along with his mate/Luna) who is very strong and capable of protecting the pack. He would take the help of Beta wolf and Third in command. Those three were treated with respect and there is no ‘no’ for an Alpha’s words.
  • The Alpha couple would have a strong bond towards every wolf of their pack. And werewolf worship Moon God and the connection between them would be explained in the upcoming chapters.
  • Entering the pack territory without the permission of top-ranking wolves might lead to death punishment. But Alpha needs to check the reason and help the wolf if the trespassed wolf has a valid reason.
  • 4) What is shifting (shape-shifting)?
  • Shifting is the process of changing from one form to another. In my book, babies could be born as a human or a wolf. The birth form would have more dominance over the other and the first shift will occur at the age of three, which might take hours to transform, as their bones will break and rearrange themselves to transform their form. As time passes, the shifting would occur in milliseconds with the practice and will be less painful. The werewolf can shift whenever they want.
  • 5) What is mean by the mate?
  • The mate is the short form of 'Soulmate' which is a blessing from Moon God who destine every werewolf with a perfect partner. Mates are blessed to treat equally and cherish each other.
  • Every werewolf could find their mate after either one of them attaining the age of sixteen. But it’s up to the person/wolf to make the final decision of accepting or rejecting the mate. And the destined mates will have a connection towards the soul of each other.
  • The mating has two processes: Marking and mating
  • -Marking is finding a sweet spot on the partner’s shoulder/neck and biting there with one’s canines. Usually male would mark a female and it shows their claim. The marked person’s scent would change into the mix of both of their scent.
  • And it has to be done with 100% consent of the partner. Else it would be bruised and give pain to both of them. And it’s a dishonour to Moon god to mark someone without their full consent. Anyway, the bond would be created between them to mind-link and to know the feelings of each other. If the partner accepts him/her eventually, the mark will heal and appear as two puncture holes with the marks of canines in an oval shape.
  • -Mating is the process of making love/ having sex. It will complete the bond between two souls and it would enhance the couple’s powers. After marking and mating, the couple could share memories within the mind-link and they could look into each other's thoughts if he/she didn't block them. The completed bond will make them inseparable. Usually mates will be inseparable as soon as they find each other, it will intensify after the mating process.
  • 6) How can a werewolf find their mate?
  • The wolf part is the one to let the human part know who is their mate. Wolf would find their mate’s scent addictive and can identify by looking into each other’s eyes. And destined mate’s touch will give sparks. All these happen because of the connection between their souls and mates are tend to love each other unconditionally.
  • 7) How rejection of mate works?
  • The werewolf can reject his/her mate for any reason. But it implies he/she rejects the blessing of the Moon God. The rejection will take time to complete and they can accept each other in the meantime.
  • For a person to reject his/her mate. They need to tell “I reject you as my mate” in front of their face. Moon god will sever the bond in a period of three months. Those three months would be painful for both people as the bond would try to survive from severing. Severing the bond is literally untangling the intertwined souls. The pain is there to punish the person who rejects and to strengthen the person got rejected. But few rejected wolves will go mad or die, not able to bear the loss of the half of its soul.
  • And the human part is most influencing in rejection as wolf part will always love his/her mate unconditionally and very protective of the mate knowing the value of the blessing.
  • 8) Explain – An Alpha.
  • Alpha is the strongest wolf in the pack. Usually, the firstborn of the previous Alpha will take over the pack as the bloodline will give power over the fellow pack members by birth. The second born will have few powers but not as stronger as the first one, because the first born will naturally possess the connection and domination over the pack members.
  • If a female is the first born, then she has to mark her mate. The marked wolf would transform into an Alpha wolf which gives him the strength to have upper hand over the rest of the pack wolves to rule/guide and protect the pack as the males are naturally stronger than she-wolves. His first child would possess the Alpha qualities.
  • If Alpha couple accidentally died, the beta couple would gain the power of Alpha and they would gain the strength and power to run the pack. But he would not be able to overpower a real Alpha wolf in one to one fight.
  • 9) What will harm werewolf?
  • Wolfbane (extract from a plant) is lethal to werewolves.
  • And Silver will affect their nervous system and affect their speed of healing & shifting abilities.
  • 10) Who are the rogues?
  • Rogues are basically the werewolves who were not part of any pack. They either left the pack on their will or banished by the Alpha of the pack as punishment for a crime. Usually, werewolves were very much attached to the pack. The common reason for the wolf leaving the pack on their will is either by rejection or death of the mate. The mad wolf part will overtake the human body and will try to harm everyone to fulfil its bloodlust. And any wolf renounces themselves from the pack will have red eyes and rotten meat smell which make pack wolves be warned.
  • Hope I covered everything. Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions to add a few more facts.
  • Thank you very much for taking your sweet time to read this. But this base will help you while reading the upcoming chapters.