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Chapter 48

  • Kavi’s POV [Layla’s POV]
  • I was admiring my handsome man narrating his childhood adventure with puffed up chest and great enthusiasm.
  • " one in our tribe was ready to cross that wooden log. But that bear cub was shouting for help from the other side. That's when I walked over that log. When I was almost halfway crossed, I idiotically looked down and realized the depth of the valley underneath me. My heart started beating so fast. But I wanted to help that cub. So I prayed to Sun and walked over the other side. That cub held onto me as soon as I picked him up. The boys were cheering when I rescued that cub. I felt so happy and proud that day. But the story didn't end of there. Because the mother bear came running towards us. You should have seen our reaction..."
  • He laughed beautifully at his recollected childhood memory and continued.
  • "...I slowly placed the cub down and everyone started running in different directions. Fortunately, that bear confused and left us picking her baby. My parents learn about my dangerous adventure and punished me. That's a different story."
  • He looked at me staring at him with a smile and smiled back.
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