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Chapter 5

  • I paid for my entry and walked inside the ground. It’s a barren land with a lot of space where humans usually don’t come across. Few light posts were illuminating the dark place. The place is heavily stinking rotten meat with so many rogues gathered in a place. But I got used to it. There were no seating arrangements as every wolf would stand in a circle across the line drawn for the fight and cheer the fighters. The fight usually starts from sunset and go on till sunrise.
  • I walked closer to the circle and a brown wolf and red wolf were fighting neck and neck. And the red one was bruised badly. I leaned on the light post and watched them. The brown wolf makes an attack aiming for red wolf’s right paw but red wolf jumped left to dodge the attack but the brown wolf seem predicted his move as he swiftly turned right and captured his throat and snapped it without waiting for the other to get a chance of submission. Few wolves were merciless like this brown one. All the younger wolves took a step back from the roaring brown wolf who is howling for a challenge to defeat him. I heard that he is fighting for the past two hours and killed seven wolves so far.
  • Good! I would get a nice practice tonight. The tougher the competition; the stronger I get.
  • I walked inside the circle and clapped my hands to gain his attention towards me as he was facing the opposite direction. His wolf turned towards me snarled.
  • “I accept your challenge.”
  • I said in a loud voice.
  • His wolf barred teeth but soon a wolfy grin appeared on his face. He shifted into his human form and pulled a pair of shorts thrown towards him.
  • “Ha! See who we have here! The famous black mask!” He said sarcastically and laughed himself and looked at me with a deadly glare. He is humungous with his muscles with intimidating size even for my 5'7 figure. But my wolf and I eyed him as good prey.
  • “No one has seen your face right? I will tear that mask today! Not only the mask....” His eyes turned black and travelled over my body. I gulped the disgust and maintained my calm posture.
  • “Are you afraid to fight me? Why are you wasting time in your bullshit speech? Kneel down and submit, I may leave you alive. ” I said with a smirk.
  • His nose flared as he let out a growl and walked towards me. I reflected his loud growl and stood in a fighting stance. It’s not my style to attack first. So I let him throw his hands and legs at my direction for a few minutes and managed to dodge everything without taking a blow. His frustration increased as it’s a big damage to his ego to not hit a small girl even after all these tries. My wolf was watching his every move and waiting eagerly to dig her claws into his filthy skin.
  • I swung my leg to his left side but he ducked his head and dodged the attack. I tried to punch him but he used his wolf speed to dodge. The real fight starts now. He started throwing punches with his wolf speed. While I was calculating his punches to dodge he kicked my left thigh making me lose footing. He punched my left rib. Before his second punch, I punched his thigh hard making him groan and take a step back. He laughed out loud.
  • “Ah! Not bad pup! But remember if you lose, I will ravish your sexy body in front of all these rogues and let them take you after I am done with you”
  • I let out a loud growl not liking his disrespect. My wolf scratched for let her take control to put him in his place. But I want to break a few of his bones and before she takes control.
  • “You have signed your death wish,” I growled out and launched myself towards him.
  • I raised my right hand in punching stance but swirled and kicked his face with my left leg taking him by surprise.
  • Taste your own medicine, bastard!
  • He roared out and ran towards me. I kicked his thigh and held his long hair and landed a few punches repeatedly making sure to break his nose. His wolf took over his human form as his wolf dug his claws into my thigh. I yelped and backed away. I could feel my wound healing. I can't waste my healing powers on this small wound as it would drain my energy. I let my wolf participate with me as my claws and canines came out. I snarled at him. His wolf tried to claw my mask to fulfil his challenge but I dug my canines into his forearm and bit there hard to damage few nerves. I spit out his foul blood and rushed towards him. He jumped up and kicked me in the stomach and locked my hands from behind over my head and laughed out loud at my struggling body. He ran his tongue over the exposed part of my neck.
  • “A strong she-wolf! You are perfect to bear my pups. And you smell so sweet, bitch. Be mine. I will forgive you and let you live.” His wolf growled out making me shiver in disgust.
  • Another unfaithful wolf to his mate!
  • You don’t deserve to live!
  • My eyes started showing red as I let out the loudest howl. His body shook at the sound of my wolf's growl. I stomped on his foot and bumped my head backwards strongly. His grasp on my hands loosened. And turned around and dug my claws into his throat on his stumbling form. He withdrew reflexively and shifted into his wolf to heal quickly. I didn't want to play anymore with this filthy unfaithful bastard. I captured his beast's throat and tightened my grip. His neck bone broke with a sickening sound and I let his lifeless body fall on the floor.
  • I let out a victory howl and growled out for the next challenge. Two rogues cleared his body.
  • A man jumped into circle shifting into his cream coloured wolf. My wolf gave me a wink as I made my way towards my next target. After a few hours and making three more wolves submit, I let out my challenge howl.
  • "Will you accept a friendly challenge? Umm... I lost the bet with friends. The bet is to make you accept my challenge and to fight with you. Will you accept my request?"
  • A teen boy around my age voiced out confidently scratching his neck but his aura showed slight fear. And he didn't step into the circle yet. He looked me up and down as my dress was almost torn near thighs and hip with constant clawing and soaked in red with my own blood and also my opponent's blood. He didn't stink, that means he belongs to some pack.
  • In friendly challenges, we don't do any intense damages. I need someone strong to improve myself as I am preparing myself for that unknown monster. But he is trying to be confident. Shall I? I asked my wolf. She agreed with a grin as she seems curious about this pup.
  • "Step in. I won't kill you"
  • I assured him.
  • He grinned and about to step inside the circle but a tattooed muscular hand caught his wrist and stopped him. I looked up at the person who is stopping him. Time stilled when I looked up into a pair of grey eyes.
  • My wolf sadly muttered 'MATE' and curled up inside my head.