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Chapter 52

  • Kavi’s POV [Layla’s POV]
  • I lovingly looked at the man who wasn't afraid to claim his place in front of all my people without any hesitation. During dinner, Aadhira told Maayan that she would show his room when he finishes the food. But he gave her a weird look and asked her,
  • 'Why should I sleep in a separate room when a gorgeous woman was waiting for me to embellish her bed?'
  • The whole hall turned to silence and my people were staring at him with wide eyes. They never heard something like that and it reddened my cheek which warmed the place and they smiled widely continuing the dinner. I should get used to this. His words were true though. The bed was idle in my room as I rarely use it. But now I won't complain using it because, as he said he will be next to me while I lie down there.
  • Love feels like a kind of hypnotization; addictive and blissful. My heartbeat rises every time we are alone and the anticipation makes my blood boil with desire. He is a dream come true man for my life. He could bring the best out of me and he is capable to bring the worst too. But I know his love will always remain the same and it will always keep me on my toes.
  • I found him sitting on the bed but his distant and serious look made me understand he wanted to speak to me about something. I sat next to him and placed my hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze. He let out a sigh and his ruby eyes met mine. As I expected, he started narrating what happened back with his family.
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