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Chapter 62

  • Kavi’s POV
  • I went to my room and made myself comfortable in my usual meditating place. After connecting to celestial, I came to the conclusion that Akhilan's plan is very perfect for the situation. Also, I realized, werewolves were created out of the human souls died of Bright ash poisoning which has the power to even damage the souls. But the wolves had survived. I am naturally immune to the bright ashes in this birth but wolfbane still affects my wolf. My darkness could cover that.
  • But one thing had me worried. It's been almost ten days since I met Chandran. He had launched an attack on Blood warrior before three days. But why was he so silent and what was he planning? I recalled everything happened during the last month. The witch claimed as the person keeping the darkness away from the earth had used bright ashes combined with dry wolfbane and she had cast a spell to disable my wolf abilities. Without my wolf, I couldn't heal that day. I need to allocate a team to research the details of meteorite came across the solar system in my absence.
  • I should know whether Moon had obtained a strange thing that could be used against my people. I had to be very cautious. Unlike using the real power in a battle, Moon God would use his cunning brain to form traps on my way to reach him.
  • I was still meditating but there was something that felt wrong in my heart which I couldn't recognize. Was this a sign of danger? Also, Moon wasn't in his realm; probably on earth with werewolves to prepare them against me. The uneasiness increased in my heart and I opened my eyes relaxing from the meditation.
  • I massaged the nape of my neck with the sudden uneasiness in my body. Was I going to get a fever? I shook my head to clear my sudden yearning for Akhilan in my heart increasing every second. I heard a knock at my door and I called out the person to come in. Surya walked in but paused near the door and sniffed the air. His eyes widened and he looked at me as if he had been seeing a Ghost.
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